Court rules on IRS release of names of donors to National Organization of Marriage [CWN]

A federal district court has ruled that the National Organization for Marriage is entitled to damages for the Internal Revenue Service’s release of donor names. The organization …



I hope the actual damages will be enough to bankrupt the organization that targeted the donors.

The court was ruling on the culpability of the US government for violating federal law. The judge rejected NOM’s request for punitive damages. NOM also requested compensation for lawyer fees since they were unavoidable and non-recoverable costs of putting a stop to the disclosure. The judge hasn’t issued an order yet, but NOM was requesting a bit more than $47,000 from the government.

Whether NOM could win a case against the Human Rights Campaign or the Huffington Post, I don’t know. I think, the arguments would be very different, since those entities would not be culpable for violation of the federal law discussed in this case.

Personally, I don’t think any organization should be allowed to keep its donor list private, period. Private donor lists are what leads to massive corruption in our Super PAC system, among other things. Sure, you have problems where donors can get harassed for their donation, but that can go in either direction, and honestly, when it’s an issue of this importance, people shouldn’t care how others will react to their donation :shrug:. It’d be better for the country if all donor lists were private.

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