Court ruling clears path for St. Gerard's to become a mosque


A judge on Thursday approved the sale of St. Gerard’s Church and rectory on the East Side, clearing the way for the church building to be converted into a mosque.


Thanks for posting. :frowning:


Sad. :nope:


Shhhhhhhhhhh ! Some posters here are waiting for comment such as this.

We must not feel sad. We must share our church with them or better still let them have it so that they can have a place of worship. Perhaps then our soldiers in Saudi Arabia may be allowed to say mass in their mosque. After all they are a religion of peace and ours is a religion of love. It is all about sharing and loving. :rolleyes:


Another child.


Sounds like that Simpsons episode where they censored Itchy and Scratchy after blaming it for violence:

“We love and share
We love and share and share
Love love love
Share share share
The Itchy and Scratchy show!”



This reminds me of those people who essentially squatted in the closed church in Massachusetts(?) for years trying to prevent is closure. Attending a particular church and donating money to it does not give you any sort of ownership rights. This church building was for sale for 9 years before it was sold. These people had plenty of time to raise money to buy it themselves if they felt so strongly about it, but they didn’t and need to stop complaining.


Or maybe evangelize to raise a new congregation.


Better a mosque than the multitude of other things it could have been turned into. Once a church has been deconsecrated, it is fair game. At least God is still being worshipped there :shrug:


So many people refuse to admit that in a lot of dioceses, the Catholic church has lost all relevance and is now a dying institution. The largest Catholic girls HS in my area just announced it was closing. People were shocked at first, but then enrollment figures mentioned they currently had 288 students in a school that once had 1400. You sure can’t blame the people who paid, prayed, and obeyed for this calamity.


This reminded me of a church in Pittsburgh that has been sold and turned into a bar.

A lot of the parishioners were of mixed feelings about it because they scrimped and saved and paid for a lot of the elements in the building. It is now called the Church Brew Works.

Churches are being sold and as a previous poster said the Catholic Church is losing relevance in a lot of communities.


They really could only get $120,000??? Is that Church in a bad part of town?

$120,000 seems VERY cheap to me, which seems to main protest to this sale.


Very Sad.:frowning:


Maybe if our US soldiers staged a peaceful protest in front of a mosque in Saudi Arabia (like the well-behaved crowd did recently at UC Berkley) and prayed the rosary, maybe then the Catholics would be welcome to conduct a mass there. Like Pope Francis says in his three minute ecumenical video that features leaders from four different religions (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Catholic), we all believe in love. Yes, love, that’s it. Peace too.

Oh wait, the “peaceful protests” at UC Berkley resulted in the violent destruction of campus property and vicious attacks on pro-Trump supporters …

Oh wait, when I visited a majority Muslim nation several years ago, there were prominent signs at the entrances of all the mosques saying non-Muslims were not welcome …

Oh wait, so why is it parishes across the US and Europe are dwindling in numbers and closing and why is it Catholicism is becoming increasingly irrelevant to people …


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