Court terminates 8-year-old girl's marriage;_ylt=AhgBVlOOLpgezVDJH2kSDrztiBIF

The court also ordered the child’s family to pay about $250 in compensation to the 30-year-old ex-husband.
The girl’s lawyer and human rights activist Shatha Nasser said the minor had filed a suit in April asking for divorce and told the court that her husband had been physically abusing her and forcing her to have “sex with him after hitting her.”

Praying for this poor child.:frowning:

I’m praying for her and all the children in a similar situation.

Here is some tiny bit of good news.

One of the people attending the trial volunteered to pay the compensation, the lawyer said, but did not explain the reason why the court ordered the compensation.

At least she won’t have to pay the $250, but she will have to return to parents who married her off in the first place.:frowning:

This makes no sense. An adult buys a child to batter and rape. She is rescued – and returned to the people who sold her – and they must refund some of the money? Whatever happened to life without parole for men who abduct children and for people who participate in human rafficking, and foster care for abused children?
At least most people reecognize that an eight-year-old can’t be married.

Take a close look, strngrnrth. The story is out of Yemen. You won’t find a legal system like that in the US in an Arab state. The background for the legal system is far different from ours.
So much for the Greek concept of a universal “natural law.”


I am pretty certain that most of us knew that the child was from Yemen. The country is very poor.

Among Muslims marrying a girl before she reaches puberty is considered wrong. I am not certain why they didn’t follow their own religious rulings unless it was because the poverty made the parents desperate.

I saw a news show on, I think, 20/20 many years ago. It depicted an Indian Muslim family who couldn’t feed all their children so they sold one into marriage to an older man from Saudi Arabi. He was supposed to marry her but the program said that most of the girls in this situation end up in prostitution.:frowning: I think that such extreme poverty makes people desperate.

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