Courting from a non-Catholic family


How ought one go about courting a fair lady if her family doesn’t really practice the faith and she’s not into it a great deal? I don’t want to end up with the dating business we got going on today because it pretty well sucks. :mad:


I just heard a story from a man at our prayer meeting last night, one of whose sons married a non-practicing woman – not in any faith, was not baptized, and was married by a friend who got a minister credential over the Internet – wearing a tacky sports coat, he added.

In the height of his rage, he lost his anger over it. I think we can trust the Holy Spirit to guide us.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know if I can be more on the right track.



To put it bluntly-- you don’t. Instead, find a practicing Catholic with whom you share faith and values and court her.


One of the best Homilies that I heard in college was about dating and finding that “True Love”. The priest made the point that there wasn’t just one true love out there. Why put yourself at risk and any future possible relationship at risk by dating someone of a different faith. There are enough issues that you will have to deal with in a relationship why make faith another issue. I was already following that advice, but it was uplifting to get confirmation of my belief. It wasn’t long after I made this decision that I met and started dating my woman who would become my wife.


I completely agree with this. There isn’t just one person out there for you, otherwise our free will would be taken out of this decision. It’s better to start off on the right track before you get too involved with someone who really isn’t going to lead you to holiness, which is the purpose of marriage. Be patient and in God’s perfect timing will someone who will do this be put before you :). God bless!


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