Court's decision not to hear NM photographer's case: A question on theology

I’m hoping this is an appropriate place to post this, if not, sorry. Last week as you know the Supreme Court refused to hear to case, without explanation, involving the New Mexico photographer who declined to provide services for a gay wedding. That the Court can simply refuse to hear cases while offering no reasons is unacceptable, but that is beside the point I am really interested in.
Stuff like this bothers me, and I think the photographer should absolutely have the right to attend (witness) a gay wedding to take photographs, cater, etc. based on religious grounds. However, the Bible’s passages related to impartiality intrigue me. If I have it right, Jesus tells us to be impartial in everything, not to show favoritism. Ostensibly, is the converse not also true? If so, doesn’t this have an effect on the selectivity of our decisions?
Just wondering. Because I think a Christian should be able to decline to participate in something that goes against his/her beliefs, but I’m not sure if it goes against our beliefs to serve a gay wedding based on the teaching to be impartial.

Impartial in everything?

Which bible passage tells us to be impartial about SSM?

There are all sorts of verses about God’s impartiality. But I don’t think I’m interpreting them quite correctly in this instance, now that I read back.

The higher courts get so many cases up for review that they don’t have time to hear them all. So, they may likely go for those who have the biggest impact for setting precedent. They can turn down a lot of cases just due to time constraints.

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