Cousin to turn to Catholicism instead of materialism


I need help finding a novena or some prayer to help with this situation. If anyone has a name of a novena or a prayer that they think would help, i’d really appriciate it.

*My cousin is raised in a family and upscale area where God is not a big part of their lives. To her money, dating, and popularity is all that matters. Going to clubs and parties have become a big part of her life. She does not know God to a point where she has set boundaries for herself. I pray she is able to find better people to be influenced by and realizes that she needs God and the Cathoilic faith.
Please pray for her and those who infulence her as well.


Pray aNovena to St. Monica, Mary Our Blessed Mother, And say the Rosary daily for her. It’s a very powerfull prayer and God will touch her soul when she is ready.
God love you for what you’re doing.


Thank you so much. I’ve been extremely confused on which Saint to pray to. Thank you. God Bless. :slight_smile:


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