I am of Roman Catholic Faith,28 years old The question I have to ask is about views of cousin relationship with respect to Catholic Faith.I am very much fond of a cousin of mine and would like to propose to her.She’s my first cousin once removed.Never talked to her or anyone about this,because I am not so sure.Is it prohibited/wrong by laws of the Catholic Church or is it okay to go forward with it?


What does a first cousin once removed mean? Is that the same thing as a first cousin?

First of all, in some states and provinces, in fact in most as far as I know, you cannot marry your first cousin. (ie: you share the same grandparents)

Not sure what the Catechism says on this as I don’t have one right here, but I am sure someone else does.

Are you and your cousin presently in a courtship?


Marriage between first cousins is allowed with a dispensation. I am not sure if marriage between first cousins once removed is allowed. You’ll need to consult with a priest or canon lawyer, I think.


first cousin’s daughter is my first cousin once removed.we are about the same age.not in a courtship.


Could a priest/canon lawyer be consulted through the forum?


Here is a link within CAF from a similar thread


So it isn’t a first cousin, which probably makes it easier. :slight_smile: You should definitely consult your priest on this too.


Thank you very much Sina:) .That was very helpful.I have been in love with her for quiet sometime,but had guilt thinking it could be incestful.


Canon 1091.2 discusses relationship in the collateral line. Canon Law prohibits marriage up to and including the 4th degree-- which is computed based on the number of total persons. However, 1091.2 is dispensable by the Bishop, so even within 4th degree it is not impossible from the Church’s standpoint.

The child of your first cousin is your first cousin once removed. The degree of relationship for this scenario would be the 5th degree. There is no canonical impediment.


Thank you for the information, 1ke


My mom & dad were 1/2 first cousins (their grandmother had married twice and had had children from both marriages: my mom’s mother & my dad’s father) but they got a dispensation to get married.


Aren’t you putting the cart before the horse?:confused:

Perhaps you might want to talk to her first and see if she even feels the same way…:cool: :shrug:




Does anyone else hear banjos playing in the background?!

Certainly in this big ol’ world there is at least one other special person with whom you can share love without sharing genetic material. Keep looking…and preferably beyond the backyard fence.


I hope your not hintng at what I think you are


To the OP- I see that you live in a different country and culture than most of us. Perhaps that helps to account for some of the less charitable posts.

Is it typical in your culture for a man to approach his potential father-in-law with his intentions prior to initiating a romantic relationship with the woman? Also, do you know of others in your culture that have married a first cousin once removed? I suggest speaking with your parish priest, if possible, for the guidance from the Catholic church in your area. Good luck discerning your marriage whether it is with this woman or with another.


I really thing that those comments saying ‘gross’ are out of place. First of all, it is not gross to be in love with someone, or to hold affection for someone. As for first cousins once removed, my aunt and uncle are related this way, and there is nothing wrong with their marriage, their relationship, or their status as first cousins once removed. As has been stated previously, if you seek a dispensation and receive it, then there is nothing wrong between the two. Get your heads out of the gutters people! I think that it is admirable that this young man is at least checking out what is taught on the matter before pursuing anything!


Let’s not judge him you guys. Let’s lead him in the right path. Please maintain your promises to Christ.

Now a days we have to be careful about the word “Love”. satan has a new tactic confusion with love. He has attacked many people using this tactic. He tries to make us think it’s alright because it’s in the name of Love. We’ll it’s not. It’s a confusion state which attacks our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls.

You need to contact your local priest or diocese


Thank You Phemie


Thank You Choy.My Grand father and Grand Mother are first cousins.I know of another instance of first cousins marrying in my family.It is not uncommon to approach the potential father-in-law first.I like her very much.She doesn’t know.I may or may not tell about her.I am not sure.I am in good terms with her.Wouldn’t want to spoil that,if she doesn’t feel the same way and is offended by me approaching her.What was actually bothering me was that I have strong feelings for her,and was confused whether it’s incest.

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