Thank you sweetpea:) Thats so nice of you.Thanks for your support.


We always said 1st cousin,2nd cousin,3rd cousin and so on. Now I know what “once removed” means. I still think 1,2,3rd is an easier way to keep track.

So my first cousin’s child is once removed and if that child has a child then that child is twice removed.I thought it meant divorced.:rolleyes:




So, a bit off topic, but what would I call my father’s cousin’s daughter? She would be my father’s first cousin once removed. She’s always been known to me as third cousin. Is that correct? This is interesting haha


She is your second cousin,since you both share a common great grandfather.


Do you live in North American jothelengend06? If not, where? Just curious :slight_smile:




I live in the middle east at present.


Oohhh cool :slight_smile:


Maybe no legal or canonical impediment, but genetics will need to be considered. You still have a significant amount of shared genetic material since you share common grandparents (you) and great grandparents (her).

Personally I would never marry someone that closely related.

First cousins are first cousins whether “removed” or not.

I consider my cousins I share a great-great grandparent with still to closely related to marry.


Its just that I have feelings for someone closely related to me.Just wanted check if that would be incestuous like say having feelings for your aunt or your niece.


I personally think so.

I think it is a cultural thing. Even as late as the early 1900’s royal families of Europe had marriages between first cousins.

King Olav V and his wife Crown Princess Martha were first cousins. Their fathers were brothers. She died before Olav became king.

This is what caused the genetic problem of hemophilia (and other things) among the royal families of Europe at that time. All had a common ancestor in Queen Victoria.

You and your first cousin once removed, have a similar situation. You may not be legally or canonically restricted from marriage, but your family may have a taboo against marrying that close.
If your family is ok with it, make sure you research your family history carefully in regard to health issues and be tested for genetic diseases before having children.

All of this being said, I would still look elswhere. If your cousin doesn’t return your feelings, she will feel uncomfortable around you and this can cause division in your family.

Back to the designation of relatives

First cousins are the children of siblings.
A first cousin’s relationship to a first cousin’s child is first cousin once removed.

The children of first cousins are second cousins to each other.
A second cousin’s relationship to a second cousin’s child is second cousin once removed.

The children of second cousins are third cousins, etc.


Thanks for clearing that first/second/third designation. I now have a mess of second cousins that I thought were third cousins. I guess we don’t name them the same way in French – there’s no equivalent to ‘once removed’.


Thank you for your post,Altese.

As much as I love her,I may not tell her my feelings.I don’t want her to not talk to me ever ,if she feels offended by my proposal.Maybe I’ll get over this with time.:shrug:


Jo, have you told anyone else in your family about your feelings? What do they think? Has anyone else given you advice?


If you are not in courtship wouldnt it be a little pre-mature to propose?


Hi Sina,I haven’t told anyone and don’t plan to.She should be the first person I should tell,if at all.



Altesse’s feelings are just that his/her personal opinion.

The Church sees nothing wrong with this relationship. I do not know of any jurisdictions that bar this type of marriage. They are actually very common in many parts of the world.

You are in the clear. Go for it.

God Bless


All the best to you if you do decide to tell her of your feelings :slight_smile:


Thank You.:gopray: God Help me.

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