" Cover Story The end of the ‘Hitler’s Pope’ myth"

Interesting story from The Catholic Herald"


I’m always astonished that people will take the entertainment industry as purveyors of fact, let alone truth.

The whole “Hitler’s Pope” theory started because of a stage play.
And people were more than willing to believe anything negative about the Church :woman_facepalming:


Yeah, I thought that whole “Hitler’s Pope” business was fictional bunk designed to get attention.

This Pope will be canonized, it’s just a matter of when.

And of course when it happens, there will still be people claiming he was Hitler’s Pope even if there’s a building full of evidence suggesting otherwise. Haters gonna hate.

From the article:

Eduardo Eurnekian, chairman of the foundation, wrote that “to our surprise, we have learned that the overwhelming majority of Houses of Life were institutions related to the Catholic Church, including convents, monasteries, boarding schools, hospitals, etc”.

I’d be curious to know why this was such a “surprise” to them.


I understand that the Pacelli family sued Pope Pius XII’s detractors in court for libel and won money.


I’m not sure, because he believed a lot of weird things, but wasn’t Jack Chick a proponent of this? I mean, the guy believed that the Church founded Islam and the Ku Klux Klan… anyway, the reason I bring his name up, is because his tracts are well-known, (and have sold a lot) and that’s a good way to spread misinformation. I feel like this is the kind of thing that would have been tailor-made for him.


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