Cover that Backside Please

I have seriously have had it with the women wearing jeans way down past their hips and showing their back ends for everyone to see.

Tonight at the grocery store there was a woman at the register ahead of me with jeans cut so incredible low I wondered how they even stayed up. This woman was also not in the best shape either and had a hugh muffin of fat dangling all around the top of the jeans. The jeans were unbelievably tight—how on earth did she get them on?

About three inches of her crack was showing.:eek: I mean come on. This is getting ridiclous.
Plus she also had holes in her jeans that were in areas that needed to be covered too. Standing along side her was an adorable little girl around maybe 4 yrs old.

I was embarrassed for that poor little girl since this is her role model. I was absolutely grossed out. If they can hang signs on the door telling the kids they cannot enter into the store with their pants hanging below their knees (which I also don’t like) I would think they could stop people from showing their back sides. :shrug:

Thank you!!! There is a big difference between someone having to reach for something or bend over to pick up a child quickly and something showing quickly and something being visible to everyone all of the time. Ladies* and gentleman* cover up.

I imagine that ladies and gentlemen are in fact already covered up…

I was being charitable. :shrug:

Thankfully you were not at mass.
I see people a tad short of dressing like that at church.

Now I know why some guys stare at their own feet all the time.:bigyikes:

Not to try and justify this, but I have searched for a “normal” pair of jean and all I can find are low-ride/hip-hugger jeans. I hate them!! No one actually looks good in these and I hate sitting down and knowing my b*tt is hanging out. I am constantly pulling my shirts down because I am selfconscience about it. Until the designers get there acts together I guess I am just going to have to suck it up and deal

Torn jeans are all the rage right now and I can’t stand those. They look horrible. Why would I spend money on clothes that are ripped? :shrug:

Personally, I would have tapped her on the sholder and whispered to her that her *ss was on display. She may have be blissfully unawares

sorry… I was being goofy… forgot to add a smily or an LOL! No worries…

Have you tried at a western type store.Like you don’t see the barrel racers wearing low riders.

A while back, a friend of mine was telling me about his cousin who started dressing like this. She was a bit younger than him and a single mother of a nearly-teenage daughter who was starting to dress the same way. They were at a family party and the cousin was walking around with her jeans halfway down around her butt and nothing on underneath except an extremely flimsy g-string. They kept slipping a bit further down and a lot of the family were getting uncomfortable, but nobody said anything. Their late 80-something grandmother showed up, walked right over to the cousin and while giving her a hug wrapped her jacket around her waist and said, “You know, I thought that was cute when you were a baby, but not anymore,” then walked away to greet the rest of the family. The grandmother never said another word about it, but the cousin and her daughter started dressing a little better.


You can’t possibly be unaware when that much of your butt is hanging out! I once wore a fairly short top with a skirt that sat a little low, as I’d lost weight since buying it. I was uncomfortably aware that a bit of my back (though thanks be not my butt) showed when I bent over.

How on earth could she have possibly been unaware??? I should have also added that she was wearing a very short blouse. Maybe she doesn’t have a mirror. I’m sure at some point her 4yr had to tell her that her rear was hanging out.

I really did toy with the idea that maybe I should mention to her that there are decency laws in our state. I was at Wal-Mart one time and saw this woman wearing bib overalls with nothing underneath and everything she had was falling out the top and the sides. I have seen other stores displaying signs “no shoes/shirt, no service.” I don’t understand going out of your house looking like a plumber doing long division.

As far as barrel racers finding jeans that actually fit the way they are suppose to—I found jeans yesterday that sat above the hips. They are avaliable.

I do the type of riding that I wear tall boots and breeches and unfortunately the low riders are being worn in my sport by the young crowd. They hang quite low and I often see riders with a bulge around the middle wearing these too. It is hidious looking. Fortunately the trainers are telling their riders they are not to be worn while training with them. The norm now is to show off your crack be it in the grocery store or while riding.

It has become crazy. Ok, I’m beginning to rant about this. :o

Yea its horrible.
especially when I lived in big cities I often saw men who were bowed over some kind of work or fixing something in the car at the gas station and they had what we call a
So unkind of them to share their private places with the whole world.

But even more sad is the fashion for girls and boys alike. Girls have very lowcut pants. Boys have their pants hanging down to their knees and we can see their underwear and sometimes more… many young men think its okay to take off their shirt on the street here … :eek:
All very immodest and must make many a parent just exhausted to tell their kids why such attire /behaviour is not appropriate,

“General” Larry Platt’s words need to be repeated:

Pants on the ground
Pants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool with you pants on the ground
Gold in your mouth
Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground
Call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool
Walking down town with yo pants on the ground
Get it up!!

My kids have a saying whenever they see someone’s jeans down so low their rear end cleavage is showing and they say it out loud too - "Say No To Crack!"

It cracks me up everytime.

Scuse the pun.:shrug:

The “squeezed play dough” look is one that fashion models everywhere should strive to achieve… The only thing that would add to “the look” is a big, fat distorted, tattoo and a Marlboro dangling from the lip, reflecto sun glasses and a torn tee shirt.

Butt (pun intended), these people make our life so much more interesting.

We get to see these sideshows (hair, piercings, tattoos, clothes, behaviors, etc) everywhere you go. Then, you get to come on the forum and gossip about how terrible it is. Now admit it, wouldn’t your day have been boring without people like her crossing your path every day?

Maybe you should have just slipped a folded dollar bill into the crack and said, “Thanks for the show.”

Among other things, we Catholiccs must put our house in order. Yes, people dress indecently out on the streets, but many Catholics also dress indecently when visiting God’s House the church. The Pope and the Vatican enforce a dress code throughout the churches of Rome and in the Vatican city. No bare shoulders, bare knees, and bare midriffs are allowed. That means, pants and skirts must cover the knees. Shirts and tops must cover the shoulders, the back, and cannot be low-cut in the front. Anything between the shoulders and knees must be covered as well, no bellies, backs, hips, midriffs are allowed to stay uncovered. It’s time for us Catholics to step up and enforce the same dress code throughout our churches, including anywhere in the USA. We are called “Katholikos”, or “universal” for a reason. I should not put up with seeing nipple slips in the church, and should not be forced to stare at the ceiling for the whole Liturgy, just because the person in front of me wears a tank top that exposes the shoulders and back of this person. If the rules are good enough for the Vatican, they should be good enough for Virginia. If the Pope and members of Vatican Curia will not put up with people exposing their shoulders and knees in the churches of Rome, we can insist not to put up with this in our local Catholic churches, anywhere in the world.


I can think of better things to do with a dollar bill but thanks anyway.
Actually, this is not gossiping.

Gossiping would be if I came on here and said, “Did you hear that Paul 1961 showed his *** today?” :eek:

Now, that would be gossiping.:wink:

I hate the low-riders, too. They look bad on almost all body types, both thin and thick.

Someday the people who wear those will look at pictures of themselves and say, “OMG, how could I have worn those ugly jeans?!”

Thankfully, according to the latest issue of Glamour Magazine, higher-cut jeans are back in style again.

There was a feature (sorry, I recycled the magazine out already) showing various body types (including Plus Sizes, which is something that Glamour has consistently done for the last few years), and the jeans that are best for each body type. The article stated that the low-cut jeans that expose the back and butt are going out of style, and the higher-cut jeans that flatter more body types are coming back in.

Hooray! Now if only real people, not glamour girls in New York City, could find them at local stores in Small Town or Little City, U.S.A. It will probably take a year or so for the latest style to trickle down to us “real folks.”

Now if only young men could realize how dreadful they look in those awful jeans that hang below their hipbone and show off their undershorts. Eugh. And they can’t run or even walk correctly in those jeans, so they’re hurting their bodies, too. Double eugh. I’m afraid what that will take is a super rap or hip-hop star publicly denouncing (with lots of four-letter words) low-riding pants and loudly advocating (with more four letter words) regular male-cut jeans. May the day come quickly!

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