Covered With God's Hands

Covered With God’s Hands.

That’s about Moses, when he dared to pray for a double portion of the knowledge of God’s essence. He was either vouchsafed a perception of a lower degree, as we
can deduce from the statement that he was grated a glance of His “back,” or what he received from God, he could never share with other human beings.

The higher knowledge of the essence of God is unattainable by humans and it was made to become inaccessible even to Moses unless he was protected by God’s
"hand," as Moses was covered, so to speak, as God allowed His glory to “pass” before Moses with lofty words of knowledge that Moses had to keep locked in his mind.

Any other man, albeit able to gain perfection by applying his reasoning faculties to the attainment of what is within the reach of his intellect, either weakens his reason
or loses it altogether as soon as he ventures to seek a higher degree of knowledge, unless he be granted a special aid “from heaven” as is described in the words.
"And I will cover thee with my hand until I “pass by.”

For those who are unable to perceive the Truth through the clouds of allegories and metaphors, due to the fact that God cannot be said to move or to have anthropomorphic
parts, the easiest way to understand about the request of Moses for a double portion of the Knowledge of God’s essence is to realize that the whole scene altogether was but t
he result of a prophetical vision. And that the whole occurrence was only a mental operation, as in a vision everything is possible; even to see God and live.

Therefore, what Moses sought, what was withheld from him, and what he attained, were things perceived by the intellect without the use of the senses.


John 1:18 No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him. (NASB)

You have underlined God. In the RSV the word is, son…

Sons can be begotten. Begetting gods is greek mythology…

wrong. Jesus begotten is himself God.
anyway…‘son’ in RSV based on TR manuscripts, older and better attested are the Alexandrian witnesses which read μονογενης θεος. Check out this verse in the Nova Vulgata at the Vatican.

**The Torah says that the begotten son of God is Israel. Read Exodus 4:22,23. “Israel is My son; let My son go, so that he may serve Me,” says the Lord. Then, God cannot be begotten. If you are talking about Jesus, know that Jesus was a Jewish man and not a Greek demigod. **

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