Covering Crucifixes and Religious Items on Good Friday

Hello all, I just have a quick question. Should I wait till tomorrow morning to cover my Crucifixes and Medals or should I do it this evening? Thanks everyone! I hope all had a Blessed Holy Thursday, and my prayer is that all will deepen their personal relationship with our Lord and Lady throughout the Paschal Triduum. God Bless! :signofcross:

They should have been covered two weeks ago on the Sunday before Palm Sunday.
I would say, don’t bother covering them at this point.

Ok, thank you :). God Bless!!!

Cathmass is right, they should have been covered on Passion Sunday. (i don’t know why it is passion sunday when on Palm sunday we read the Passion :confused: the two should be reversed) Anyway,they are generally uncovered on holy Saturday during the vigil. So, if you go to the vigil mass, you could uncover them before you leave.

Happy Easter!!

I didn’t know this, either. :frowning: We have numerous statues in the house. But last night, I covered the major ones… with black draping. And the Holy Water fonts, are all empty.

Thank you for the information, “CathMass”. I will know, for next year. God bless.

Yes, thank you very much! I guess I’ve been doing it wrong for the last couple of years. I used to cover my Crucifixes on Holy Thursday and uncover them on Easter Sunday. Thank you all, and I too will remember for next year. God Bless and have a Happy, Blessed Easter!
Jacob :signofcross:

At my Roman Catholic Church, we only covered our Crucifix on Holy Thursday. But I’d gone to confession at another Catholic Church last Saturday and it was covered.
I’ll be uncovering mine tonight, before the vigil. Can’t wait. I miss the physical presence of our Savior, but it’s another reminder of His sacrifice, and also of my love for Him.
God Bless you all, and Happy Easter.

Ok, I feel like an idiot right now :frowning: I have never heard of this, or do not remmeber it at all! :confused:

Why are they to be covered?

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