Covid-19 infections and deaths surging in US

So much for it’ll just disappear, or it’s all a hoax.


Pandemic deniers. They have traits. They refuse to wear masks while they are inside a building with several people. They refuse to social distance.

But they will learn. I was listening to NPR on the way to my Parish yesterday and they discussing how healthy young people who survived an infection with minimal symptoms are now, months later, showing signs of damage to various organs.

Guess I’ll go back to my pre- hot weather routine. Gym shorts and t-shirt under a hoodie and fleece pants. Tobaggon and a second pair of shoes in my truck. Bring my groceries out and put them in a plastic container in the truck bed with a lid, remove the hoodie, toboggan, and fleece pants. Throw them in a plastic garbage bag in the back of the truck. Change shoes and toss the ones I wore in the truck bed.

Go home and wash/dry the clothes I took off. Sanitize/disinfect the items I purchased on the table on the front porch before I bring them in the house.

Then pray it was enough.

I’ve been wondering if COVID death rates will be rising now that the summer sun is gone for most of America. The death rate and hospitalization rates from the virus began to drop in April and May and has remained low during the warmer sunnier months despite increased positive test results. Now with fall here and the sun not rising high into the sky anymore, the death rates might continue to rise for the COVID virus coinciding with the flu and cold season.

That is what I’ve done to keep myself cold and flu free for over a decade now, use a sunlamp in the low sunshine exposure fall and winter months.

Even the symptoms that you wouldn’t think were too dramatic (long term loss of taste and smell), can actually be more of a burden than one would think.

Pamela Dalton, PhD, a chemosensory scientist and member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, told the Journal that losing the ability to taste or smell can trigger negative emotions since there is less serotonin flowing to the brain, which can contribute to well-being and happiness.

“So, what they’re feeling is not just psychological,” she said, according to the Journal .

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