Cow skull left in front of my house by somthing

So im 13 and my granma told me that there was a figure demon or somthing she told me like that and so when she was little everyone was at the edge of the hill by Saskatchewan lake and then they o
All started to screens and run then my grandma was still there and then that figure left a cow skull there then she ran inside should my family be worried because I am because my family seen a lot of unexplainable things like people walking in a bar cards drop the my grandmas uncle went to pick up the cards that fell but the stranger had no feet but hooves maybe because all the negativity there? Can any one plz explain y the figure left the skull I need to know

I really think that you should speak to your parents about your concerns. I think they would know better than us whether any of this actually happened or whether your grandmother and uncle are just telling tales to a vulnerable and gullible child, which I believe is the case.

I don’t know why your grandmother would be telling you now about something that happened to her as a child and that it would scare you so much. Obviously even if she did find a cow skull (which I imagine is more common in old farming lands) it had no affect upon her, so you have nothing to fear.

Please talk to your parents and tell them about your fears.


Likely a dog, a raccoon, a coyote etc found this tasty treat and drug it into the yard. Could have been an elk skull, a deer skull, it is simply part of nature. Animals die

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