Coworker says pope deleted scripture to make Mary Magdalene a prostitute

"Pope made Mary Mag. look like prostitute at time when Church was considering women for the priesthood. She was really “an apostle of apostles’”

This is important that I can convince him it isn’t so, if it isn’t so, because he says “If they can delete that, what else have they changed?”

this is the one major stumbling block from his salvation in the Church.


Ok, what verse did they remove? that’s a pretty big claim to make. And besides if that is really so wouldn’t the protestants have plastered every single city and newspaper with the news?

no reliable source for the claim - no grounds for reasonable discussion

Your friend needs to prove his allegation. Tell him You want to see what he’s alleging in historical record: Time, date, which scripture, etc.

He won’t be able to do this.You need to then treat this with love and ask him to accept his error. Engage him in caring conversation and ask him if he would explore the truth.

Then introduce him to the church fathers.


Some people are so gullible they will believe anything that supports their crazy ideas.

Start with:

(a) The bible does not say MM was a prostitute
(b) The Church does not teach that MM was a prostitute

If Mary Magdelene was an “Apostle of Apostles” then she would have to displace Peter, John or Paul, which is a tough thing to do via scripture. Peter was mentioned 195 times in the New Testament and John is mentioned 29 times. I guess they deleted quite of lines reduce her to a mere ‘prostitute’ from an Apostle of Apostles.

Is this related to the da Vinci code? I vaguely remember Mary Magdalene being a part oh that arguement. If it is there are very good arguements out there!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this is far from the only stumbling block that your friend has. If he is capable of believing what you claim then he actually has many issues including diving authorship of scripture, the fact that the Catholic church is the one true Church, the papacy, etc.

Bottom line, he isn’t ready. I applaud your desire to evangelize but I think it is going to be a while before God completes his call to this particular individual. I could be wrong and I hope that I am but certainly, Mary Magdalene is not his only issue.


Where is he getting this? The gospel according to Dan Brown? Or the Discovery Channel?

You can take me now Lord because I have heard it all :rotfl:


Yes, there is no indication in any translation, however ancient, that Mary Magdalene was anything but a wealthy woman, being a seller of purple dye. People who sold the dye dealt directly with royal courts as this was the royal/imperial colour. They were therefore paid well for their ware, especially since it involved the dangerous process of diving into the sea to collect the sea-shells from which the purple dye was extracted.

In the Eastern Church, she is called “Equal to the Apostles” for her missionary work etc.
She was also invited to dinner by the Emperor Tiberius (hardly an honour given to a “prostitute”).

During that dinner, St Mary of Magdala attempted to convert the emperor himself, at which point the emperor was said to have picked up an egg and said to her, “a man could no more rise from the dead, having suffered such a terrible death, than this egg could turn red.”

At that point, Mary of Magdala picked up another egg which did turn red in her hands.

Ancient icons and painted Easter eggs bear her representation holding up an egg in this way . . .

And women priests were also banned by the Protestant Reformers - perhaps they too tampered with Scripture?


I agree totally. It is better to provide a good example and grow in holiness. If this person is not ready to accept the one true faith with humility, then you can plant a few ideas and move on.

If this person persists in their negativity toward the Catholic Church, you really have to move on. Avoid getting hung up on converting this one person. You will get emotionally drained. Keep polishing your apologetic skills and get ready for the next soul that comes along and has been placed in your path by God.

From wikipedia (take special note that there is no citation for some of this):

Since the late 6th century, Mary Magdalene has been identified in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church as an adulteress and repentant prostitute. Pope Gregory the Great made a speech in 591 where he seemed to combine the actions of three women mentioned in the New Testament and also identified an unnamed woman as Mary Magdalene.[45] In 1969 the Vatican, without commenting on Pope Gregory’s reasoning,[57] implicitly rejected it by separating Luke’s sinful woman, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdala via the Roman Missal.[citation needed]

Perhaps this is where the coworker got his information. Could someone expand on this claim?

The Catholic Encyclopedia addresses the issue of Mary Magadalen being confused with other Marys in the New Testament…

To follow-up on my previous comment, she is often described as an “Apostle to the Apostles”, which to my mind is not to same as “an Apostle of Apostles” as it connotes a different relationship.

It is not up to us to refute stupid baseless claims. How would your co-worker feel if you claimed he was a child molester (a claim without any proof)?
It is up to your co-worker to provide evidence to support his claim and then we can discuss it.
Ask him to give you documentary support.

This person is very ignorant, The New Testament Scriptures were canonized 1600 years ago.

“Apostle to the Apostles” just means that Jesus showed Himself to her after the Resurrection, and told her to go tell the Apostles. It’s a title of great dignity, but it doesn’t mean, “Oh, yeah, and tell Peter he’s out of a job as My keyholder guy.”

Unless you’re going to claim that, say, the waiters at the Wedding at Cana who served the disciples and Apostles were really the first deacons (diakonoi, waiters) in the Church instead of St. Stephen et al. :slight_smile:

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