Crack-smoking Toronto mayor more popular than Obama


Well, this headline certainly surprised me.
Crack-smoking Toronto mayor more popular than Obama

Rob Ford, the embattled mayor of Toronto, notoriously known for his crack-smoking “drunken stupors” and murder threats, has managed to get a 42 percent approval rating from Toronto voters beating Obama’s rating of 40 percent.

Actually, there has been some suggestions that Rob Ford, if he gets his life together, would make a good candidate for Premier of Ontario. :cool:


And your vote is? either this says something about Canada that isn’t very nice or Obama needs to consult this guy for advice on how to get ahead.


Rob Ford has still got the crack-smoking segment of the population on his side.
That would explain why his popularity, such as it is, has not faded completely.

Obama’s lies, on the other hand, have alienated everyone in America.


Well unfortunately, not quite everyone. :rolleyes:


You mean it says something about Toronto…90% of Canadians do not live in Toronto and have nothing to do with Rob Ford :P.


It could be because he is not in a position to do as much harm as Obama has done. Lots of celebrities have been in the rehab revolving door and are still popular. A couple of bad movies or bad concerts don’t do much harm to the public.


Well of COURSE!
Because, (crack notwithstanding!),

which one reminds us more of the late, (beloved) Chris Farley?


Pretty soon Rob Ford will be living in a van down by the river!


For those that have not been alienated, may I suggest that they start smoking crack?
It may not help, but it might not hurt to change one’s mode of delusional thinking once in a while.


Drugs have ruined a lot of people’s lives.


Barack Hussein Obama SHOULD follow Rob Ford’s economics. :thumbsup:

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