Cradle Catholics: How old were you at your Christening?


I thought it might be fun to query cradle catholics on the site asking at what age (as accurately as possible) they were when Christened. If you wouldn’t mind, please list the decade it happened; e.g. early 60s, mid 70s, etc.

I’m just wondering how much it has changed over the years, if at all.

I’ll start: I was Christened at 15 days old, in 1961.

Thanks in advance to those who respond.


I’ve never seen my baptism certificate so I don’t know for sure but knowing that I was born on a Friday in 1953, and knowing how long women were in the hospital in those days, I was either baptized on the 11th or the 18th of that month, making me either 9 days old or 16 days old.


About a month old in the 50’s. And my mother said babies were not taken out unless absolutely necessary until they were christened.


About two months old in the 80s.


I was baptized when I was about 4 months old in the late 90’s.


About 6 weeks old in the 40s. I’m a premie, though, otherwise around a month.


2 days old in 1962. Mum and Dad and my grandparents swung by the Church on the way home from hospital and met my uncle and aunty there to be my godparents.


I am not sure. But I am pretty sure I was an infant, so probably a few months old.


One week old, in 1956.


5 months in the U.K. In the late 40’s.


Seven weeks old in the late 60s.


2 months old in the late 40’s…


Precisely one month old, in 1966.


Early 70s. Less than 2 days old. Mom did this for all of us, she was absolutely terrified something would happen to us while we weren’t baptized. :sweat_smile:


I was a month old, late nineties


Baptized at three days old, late 1960s.


I was born on a Sunday in the late 1950s. I was baptized on the Sunday two weeks later, which also happened to be my parents first wedding anniversary.


11 days old in 1962.


I was also baptized on my parent’s wedding anniversary! They did it that way so that it would be easier to remember.


I have no idea if my parents deliberately picked their anniversary as my baptism day. It is certainly convenient for ME to be able to remember the day. I haven’t a clue when my siblings were baptized and I doubt they would know without doing some research.

:flushed: I have to look up my children’s baptism days.

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