Cradle or Converted???


I was just wondering who on this forum is a cradle Catholic and who converted. What are your stories? If a cradle, do you still love the Church? Has it become stagnant or boring to you? If you converted, from what denomination and why?

Here is my story-and I am a convert.

I came into the Church during Easter of '04. I was raised in various denominations in the Protestant world-Methodist, Presby, Pentecostal, Christian Missionary Alliance, Baptist. At 15 I had the typical born again experience. I was always feeling like I was missing something. I was told over and over, I was not doing enough, praying enough, sacrificing enough. The problem was always me. I married young to an abusive man :frowning: and we had 3 kids. I did not believe in divorce but when the minister that baptized me, married me, and sprinkled my kids told me that God did not want me in such a horrible situation, I divorced my first husband. I was shunned by those I spent most of my teen life with for being divorced. I was told I must have done something wrong. :confused:

About 6 years after my divorce, I met my DH. My mom introduced us. We married about 1 year after we met. He is so family oriented and from day one took the father figure role on with gusto for my 3 kids. His only downfall is he is a Yankee. :stuck_out_tongue: He is full Sicilian, which as one would imagine, comes with a large Italian Catholic family, who also accepted my kids with open arms. We had another child in our first year of marriage. We never discussed church or anything. I had never intended to convert. I was always taught that the Catholics were crazy :whacky: because they prayed to statues, they did not believe in salvation, idolized Mary. You get the gist.

On Memorial Day of '03 my dear MIL suffered her 3rd major heart attack. :frowning: She spent the whole summer in hospital. They moved her to UNC, nearer to me and her son. Since I used to be a nurse, I would spend a lot of time with her at the hospital performing all those comfort skills busy nurses rarely get to use due to their busy schedules. I would massage her with lotion, wash her hair, help her eat. She prayed the rosary almost non-stop. :gopray2: I prayed it with her. We became very close. One evening she asked me and my DH to have our youngest, Zack, baptized in the Church. I did not understand at first that she meant the Catholic Church. I was hesitant at first but eventually agreed. We planned it for 4 weeks later, but sadly, the Monday(Labor Day) before the baptism, she passed away. Oh, how we still mourn for her today. Then 9 days later, her father, whom my DH was named for passed away as well.

I had made a promise so I saw it through. In doing so, I came to understand the richness and fullness of the Church and the part I felt was missing in my Protestant faith became fulfilled in such a way, despite my not being able to receive the Eucharist, that my 3 older kids and I all converted. :getholy: My DH and I had our prev marriages anulled and had our marriage validated by our priest. The most significant day in my life was the day of my First Communion. I felt so full of grace and love. It is a feeling I live everytime I take the Blessed Sacrament. :amen:

So that’s my story! What’s yours!!

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I may not have posted this in the right forum but I still hope some of you answer.

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Cradle Catholic here, and yes I love Christ and His Church. I don’t think you can love the Church without Christ, hence I always say that I love Him and His Church.



Story? Gonna have to wait for Surprised By Truth 4!


Convert. Former atheist. I had a rather dramatic, sudden and supernatural conversion. My story will be available in book form in a few months.


Not sure what to classify my experience, lol.

I grew up with my mother in California. Well when I was 5 she divorced my step dad, but we still lived near eachother and were close. His parents are Catholic, unlike any other member of my family, and I was raised by them mostly. I would go to their house on weekends, after school everyday, spend the night and all that. They would occasionally take me to mass and I always liked mass and was raised with Catholic views and ideas. I have never been very open to protestant churches and always Catholic church was the place of choice. I guess when I moved out to live with my dad in North Carolina a few years ago and they started taking me to their non-denominational church, I was moved to find a richer spiritual life, but not protestant. My family was against that and for a little over a year I was forced to go to their church even though I openly oppossed that. We’ve had several doctrinal and theological debates/arguements on teachings and beleifs. That led me to want to have strong knowledge in the faith so I can defend it, so I bought books, did research and all of that. So after getting a much deeper understanding of the faith, I only was more compelled to actually get out and find myself a Catholic church and they refused to let me until I got my own car and all that so now at 17 I take myself to mass and am in RCIC class.


Where in NC are you?? I live in Durham. My family and I regularly attend St. Matthew but try to go to the TLM at Sacred Heart in Dunn.

God bless you on this journey!!

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I live in Clayton, I drive myself to St. Anne, actually I have mass tonight. :slight_smile:


Cradle Catholic here and my feelings toward the Church are neutral, right now. It has definitely become stagnant and boring. It’s a rut I’m trying to dig myself out of.


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I know of St. Anne’s. I know Sacred Heart is closer to you than me but for the experience, you could try the Tridentine Latin Mass that Fr. Parkerson does Sundays at 4. And on the 4th Sunday, they have a “pot luck” afterwards.

Fr. Parkerson is younger (mid-30’s) and a convert like us. He is a wonderful man. A great priest for confession. Still has the old confessional with the insense etc. I love it, just love it.

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I will pray for you in my rosary tonight and take you to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament on Friday!!

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When I was visiting in California over the summer, we were going to try and go to a latin mass, but never happened. I think my step dad kinda wanted to do something with me he thought I would like as he’s not relgious himself, plus me and my brother, he’s 12, after talking with me and coming with me to mass several times is looking into the faith too, so my step dad wanted to do something with us that we would like, but couldn’t get time and date in time or something, before I had to come back to NC.


I was born catholic.

I switched to atheism for the longest time until I met my current gf. Thnx to her i got interested in researching religions. After awhile I came to a few conclusions about myself, us (me and her), God, my place in the world and the meaning of life.

Ive decided that certain aspects of a few different religions/philosophies are correct and decided to culminate them into a new personal religion. Now I just need a name for something thats a mesh of Gnostic, agnostic, Platonian, nihilistic and enlightented Hindu theology.

Suggestions? :smiley:


I was baptised a Catholic, but was largely raised in a Protestant area. My parents sent me to youth programs at my friends’ churches because ours had nothing. (There were so few of us).
I absorbed much of their attitude that the Church was wrong. That’s it, no explanation. I was much confused.

When I was a teenager I had a deep desire to commit my life to God. But, I was so confused by that time, I didn’t even have a firm concept of who He is. If the Church is wrong, why couldn’t everybody else? I prayed for Truth and decided that the next thing I bumped into was His answer to my prayer. What happened? My mother pulled out this copy of some New Age philosophy book that touted some utopian society and gave passing acknowledgement of a sort-of Jesus. I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

This philosophy promoted the idea that by one’s efforts, one can achieve perfection to the point of becoming “one with God”. :rolleyes: By the time I realized what a bunch of bunk all that was, I had strayed pretty far from the path of Life.

My soul longed for God, and I slowly began to realize that t Jesus is the only way. I became a Protestant at that point because I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit at a Protestant wedding and thought that must be where I was to be. Yet, every time I passed a Catholic church, my heart yearned to go to communion. I had never been told that the Eucharist was the Body and Blood of Jesus. I had just never been taught anything about my faith. I just knew that He wanted me there.

It was my doubting husband who eventually brought me back to the Church. He would not attend Protestant services with me, but he did agree to go the the Catholic church for the sake of the kids. Well, I went without reconciling for a while until I realized that I was making a mistake by not going to confession. I did, and the priest must have been praying up a storm, because I have been head -over-heels ever since. You can be sure my children know their faith. It is the most important thing, by far, in my life.

I thank the Lord for His kindness and patience. He truly does pursue us ever so gently until we find our way. Glory to Christ. :smiley:


Yes!!! Go back to Mass, make a good confession!!! It is the best kind of peace you can find.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Have you ever done any holy reading? That is, praying through the writings of the Saints, or through the Scriptures?

I find that whenever I feel like my life is too boring, if I do some holy reading, I come out of it feeling much more energized and “on fire” with my faith. :slight_smile:


Confession for what? and why? Im much happier as a non-Christian :slight_smile:

Before i suffered from chronic depression, nowadays im as happy and at peace as I can be :smiley:


We got a real winner here…


Hey, there, Guru Nanak - :wink:

I’m sorry to tell you that someone already beat you to it - this religion is called New Age Philosophy, and comes in a variety of flavours, including Unitarianism, Sikhism, and Ba’hai.

One thing I don’t understand about you, or about Bahoula, or Guru Nanak, or any of the others - if we can’t trust Jesus, the Son of God, to create a good enough religion for us, then how can we trust ourselves to do so?

How is it that someone can consider himself or herself to be smarter or better informed than Jesus?

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