Craig Ferguson (Late Late show) mentions "mystery of Catholicism"

I had stopped wwatching C. Ferguson becaues he was so raunchy… but last night, was bored, couldn’t sleep… (etc)… & thought i would watch for a short time… It was a re-run but anyway… his guest was Richar Lewis, who said he was (is) Jewish… mentioned confession, said some snide remark about how you could [do something really perverted], then go to confession, say a few Hail Mary’s and - bam, just like that, you are OK with God (something to that effect). Craig F. said something like, “That isn’t an accurate portrayal of the mystery of Catholicism”… (If you saw the show, maybe you remember his exact words, but i am not too far off).

I was shocked… in a good way, of course… :slight_smile:

I just wonder if this “trend” will continue… (?)…

Good for Craig! I don’t watch him anymore. He’s really funny, but like you said, very offensive half the time (plus, I usually go to bed b/f he comes on anymore).

My thought was, is confession (even Richard Lewis’ inaccurate account of it) any more ludicrous than being able to sin then just say “sorry” “straight to God”, like nonCatholic Christians, w/o any penace at all, and be “right with God”. Heck, some of them believe they don’t even have to say “sorry”, that upon “accepting Christ” all their sins “past, present, and FUTURE”, were forgiven. So apparently, no matter what heinous things you do, you’re never “wrong” w/ God!

Lewis, being Jewish, has every right to have a problem w/ Christianity, but why must he (and everyone else, for that matter), always single out Catholicism? :shrug: It’s grown so tiresome.

In Christ,


Yeah, I don’t watch the show. I’m usually asleep before that, but I/m not sleepy right now.
Perhaps he is slowly having a change of heart? I always pray for that for all people who need it.

I didn’t see it, I don’t know who Craig Ferguson is, but it seems to me that someone should take the time to write in to the station and compliment this (rare) moment of tolerance.

After all, I imagine Catholic League would be all over this man and his show if it had been something negative. You can catch more lies with honey and all that.

well… i can’ understand why people pick on the CatholicChurch… it is because we never change our stand on things like abortion, birth control, celibate priesthood, etc… That gets the attnetion of the world which condones virtually everything. People in the world want freedom to do wahtever they want & the Catholic Church says No, you shouldn’t do that… so they get :mad: and start criticizing it…

Even so, i watched some of Craig the next night and he was back to his old raunchiness… (though i have to say he didn’t mention anything TOO awfully perverted, as he has in the past :eek: )… Anyway, i think it is best for me not to watch him… For all i know he just said that thing about Catholicism so as to keep his Catholic viewrs… :shrug:

i have done that… doesn’t seem to do much good… I think 95% of Hollywood is just perverted…

i hate the way CF just seems to have… this attitude about everything… I mean, it seems that - in spite of his good comment about Catholicism - that he really doesn’t have much real reverence for anything… which is why the statement shocked me… and i am not sure he didn’t make it just to keep Catholic (& other Christian?) viewers… ?? God knows…

Maybe the next night’s show - which was not the best :mad: (though not the worst) i’ve seen of him - was a re-run… so maybe he really is trying to clean up his act… (??) so i will give him the benefit of the doubt… but… well, whatever… All i know is that Hollywood depresses me something terrible… i am thinking of ditching my tv… which i wouldn’t evne have if someone hadn’t given it to me…

Not all “gifts” should be seen as such… :rolleyes:

we should all pray massive rosaries over Hollywood… :highprayer: :signofcross: :knight2:

I find Mr. Ferguson to be very funny, bright, and sharp. After Leno, Letterman, O’Brien, et al - Craig Ferguson is a breath of (mostly) fresh air!
He’s a new and proud American citizen, and he was chosen to be the entertainment at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Check him out here:
Why would he correct Mr. Lewis’ misrepresentation of confession? Who cares - he was RIGHT!

who was right - Lewis or CF??

sigh - Ferguson was right, dear…

To mimic Craig:

I KNOW!!! :smiley:

…Just didn’t know if YOU knew…

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