I want to sell a diamond watch I have, because I need money right now … I tried selling it on craigslist but no one responded ( I probably asked for too much, since it’s used). Anyway, someone told me they would try selling it for me on craigslist, since they have luck with it… And it would be less than what I was asking for. Is it OK or allowed for someone else to post it for me, even though they’re not the owner? Would that be a sin? Thank you!

What sin do you believe this to be?

They probably plan to swindle you in some way.

Why not just try selling it again yourself at the lower price that they plan to sell it.

There is no “luck”. If this person can sell it, so can you.

(I don’t know anything about Craigslist, so I don’t know if it is a good place to sell items. Maybe you can go to a local place that buys jewelry to see what price they will give you.)

Get it appraised first. Caution: do not allow anyone to “take it to the back.” Make sure you keep it in view at all times. Try different, reputable jewelers, at least two. Not “WE BUY GOLD” places.

I sell stuff a friend of mine owns on eBay all the time. The money goes to his PayPal account, not me.


Not a sin.

It could potentially violate the Terms of Service on some websites, but I personally don’t believe this is the case for Craigslist.

It is not a sin but it may be a red flag to someone who is buying it thinking why is the owner not listing it? If your friend has such luck it is because of the way they word the ad. What you need to do is have them word the ad for you but keep all YOUR contact information and you keep the watch so they do not have possession of it. Even if you trust them it is just easier all the way around. If you haven’t gotten any response it might be because it is priced too high. Selling something of value is tricky because you will never get what you think it is worth. People want bargains that is the whole reason they shop on Ebay and Craigslist.

Yes, do not take to a gold store! You would be better off going to a reputable jeweler.

As someone mentioned taking it to at least two jewelers may be a very good idea in that you have a better idea of the true value of your watch.

As also mentioned, people shop on-line sale-by-owner sites to get something at a really good price. Which means you may not get your true worth by selling on-line.

The fact that you NEED money RIGHT NOW can cause you to take much less than the actual value.

After getting at least two appraisals from two reputable jewelers, re-evaluate what price you are willing to sell the watch. How much loss do you want to take on the watch for having INSTANT cash and how will it help you in the long run?

The only thing you are not allowed to do is to try to sell it using Catholic Answers Forums.

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