CRAZIEST anti-catholic claim you'll EVER hear

So I met a Charismatic Christian who has claimed to have done a lot of studying on this particular topic (and did a presentation on it to people at his Church), and that is he’s found all the cults/secret societies of the world (which includes the Catholic Church, Mormons, Masons, etc.) are all controlled by the Illuminati, which is led by Lucifer and has total control of the world. He says 1 in every 30 people in world is a member of it, and these people are controlled by fear, and one way they’re instilled with fear is they’re taken to a secret room deep below the Vatican by the Catholic Church’s “Twelve High Priests” (who are the main leaders of the Church), and are forced to watch a kid get slaughtered on an alter. He also claims the Jesuits are the Church’s “assassins” and are responsible for many killings throughout history.

I’ll say I’ve studied all the anti-Catholic hoopla you find including Boettner (I actually bought a used copy of his book “Roman Catholicism” just for fun. It’s probably one of the only copies of which that has been stacked on top of a copy of “Catholicism vs. Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating), Jack Chick, and Hislop quite a bit, but I have never heard claims this wild. He said he got all of this information on the Internet; particularly from Jim Marrs, who from a quick internet search sounds like a typical “the sky is falling” conspiracy theorist. His main source however is someone who claimed to have joined all of these secret societies and went through the ranks to eventually discover all of their secrets, but he didn’t say who it was.

What do you think?

When your friend says “studying”, what he really means is “youtubing”. When did people stop reading books?

I am editing this because my point might be missed, which is, join a library.

He is actually the one telling lies to his people and “controlling” them by fear with all this garbage. Prayers for his conversion and all those hearing him. God Bless, Memaw

If I ever get taken into a room underground at the Vatican, I will be sure to notify CAF. Sadly, I have never had such an experience.

Is that the same room where that giant “Vatican computer” is - the one holding the names of all the world’s Protestants, so the Church can track them and eventually hunt them down with Jesuit “assassination squads?” Seriously . . . . . .This kind of craziness has been a long-standing hobby of anti-Catholic conspiracy fans. Given how many times I’ve seen it referred to in the media and the Internet, the so-called “Illuminati” is the most public “secret” organization in history!

hehe, that’s a good one. I don’t know what I was expecting to read here, but this really got me :D.

No one in the world is THAT good at keeping secrets. The thought that 3% of the worldly population (233 MILLION people) can be SOOO good that only one person broke the silence?’

Wait Potato! Are you implying that you are part of the illuminati, just one that hasn’t gone to the Vaticave? (Like that, Vaticave? I just made it up. Now I’m imagining the pope wearing Batman’s costume…)

So this would be an attempted deception…right?

I was under the impression Satan was much more intelligent than any of us and likewise the deceptions he throws out there would be equally impressive, probably to the degree that none of us could recognize them…so how are things like this so easily identifiable as delusions?

As a deception, this is not a very effective one it seems, as it doesnt appear to be fooling that many people (christians at least), so whats the point if the deception is not effective?

Not the craziest claim ever, rather it is a tired old plot line from at least a half dozen movies and TV shows.

My cousin showed me a video where a man claimed to have been a Catholic seminarian before becoming a witch and hanging out with vampires and werewolves. Fortunately, all of this stopped once he became a born again fundamentalist Protestant.:rolleyes:
What scares me the most is that my cousin actually believes this.


I’m not allowed to talk about that here. I’ve said too much.

What do I think?

If something is a conspiracy- meaning its behind closed doors, not for others to see, why do you think*** you ***can know if its true or not what this person said? (Bonus: Look up in the catechism why secret societies are a sin)

Crazy or not, flat out, you don’t actually know one way or the other if its true. Neither does the other person by ‘studying’ this stuff ‘online’. Is online banter any more reliable than the gossip on the street? Only takes a few sparks to start a raging fire. Is there any proof? Is it something you *need *to know about?

So anyway, why are you here bashing them? (speaking of your thread title) There’s this thing about when people use the adjective “crazy” against others… I won’t go into that here. You can look that up.


Could this stuff actually be going on?   Heck yeah!   (Truth is stranger than fiction, right?)  
Is it very much possible all this stuff is totally made up for gullible minds to consume and become unbalanced with fear?  Heck yeah!  
Is it possible that something about it could be true but along the way embellishments have been added for effect?   Heck yeah!  

 Now, tell me the difference between what happens when "a good shepherd calls his alarm to protect the flock' (like how we are taught what a good sheperd will do if danger presents itself)  and what should happen when someone (for analogy sake- a false or mistaken shepherd) calls an alarm that is totally false- whether out of unbalanced paranoia, a mistake in judgement or sheer evil inclination to manipulate or decieve.   How are the people going to know the difference?  

My point to that is this: People (the flock) have their ears out. People react in a variety of ways. People believe different things. It doesn’t make them crazy if they perceive something true and they feel they have sufficient evidence to believe it. It is human nature to do that- Christ even speaks of it when he calls us ‘sheep’. Remember, you are here (I assume given this is a forum for Catholics and you say that you are one) because you believe a virgin gave birth to God, and that he was sentenced to death for a crime and then came back to life then floated up into the sky- why is your belief any more sane then those who believe what they believe? I say this NOT to disparage The Faith, as I am a believer, but to demonstrate that belief has to go DEEPER than this shallow pointing fingers and name calling.

What do I think? I think its not crazy to listen, decipher, try to discern things. That is what every human needs to do when they are presented with information- either false or true “information”. A hundred years ago, doctors told the populace smoking was good for the body. Several hundred years ago people of a certain skin color were thought to be a lesser being by some people. About two decades ago we were told eating a high carbohydrate diet was better for our health, now its reversed. We laugh today, but are we to think we are really so much smarter today? No. Everyone has to discern for themselves… AND BE HUMBLE.

Humility in faith matters goes a long long way.,01-Good_shepherd_Bon_Berger/index3.html

The Big Lie technique. Tell a big fat lie, repeat it, tell it over and over and over, and through sheer repetition some people will believe it. Satan’s followers can get a lot of separate lies into circulation. Some are subtle, some not. If the man the2112 met actually believes what he says, then the Big Lie worked on him, and he’s now helping with the repetition.

Suppose that only one in ten thousand people who hear this lie come to believe it. Then if the lie is told to ten million people, then a thousand people believe it. Some of those can be counted on to keep telling it to others. Thus the lie spreads. This is why propagandists use the technique.

:bigyikes: :frighten:


I recall years ago that a neighbor asked me quite seriously why “Catholics eat blood”. For awhile I couldn’t figure out what in the world she was referring to. But upon her giving further explanation, I did. She asked about it a sort of timorous way, as if it was the big secret of Catholicism she was asking me to reveal.

In this area, there is a rural Polish community. Every year their parish puts on a festival at which various Polish dishes are prepared and sold. One of the dish is “czarnina” (sp?) which is a soup made with duck’s blood. The neighbor had gone to the festival, understood nothing, and came back with the idea that it’s “Catholic” to eat blood.

I did disabuse her of the notion, of course, and I think she felt better about it when I did.:slight_smile:

I think you should invite your friend here, we could have lots of fun.

Not the craziest I’ve ever heard. Not sure what it would be - either the Dagon-worship, or that Catholics have little horns on their heads. (Probably the horn one.)

Hard to argue with secret society theories. Even harder to argue with crazy.

Someplace I heard that there’s a UFO parked under the Vatican. Does that qualify as a crazy conspiracy theory?

Sadly, conspiracy theories are self-fulfilling. They claim that a mysterious so-and-so said it, but that they’re a whistleblower who otherwise wants to remain anonymous (or is now “missing” or dead). There’s no other evidence to support said conspiracy theory that can be verified, because (of course) the conspirators destroyed it (how convenient). But hey, don’t let the absence of evidence prevent you ftom telling anyone who’ll listen.

Oh, and ALL the “news” shared on social media is 100% true.

Basically if I hear it on the internet/social media/late night radio I generally assume it to be false until I hear about it from a reputable source. Then I’ll start considering it to be true.

The horns-on-head one seems easy enough to refute.

Have you heard that we worship the Virgin Mary as a goddess and have other goddesses besides? I kind of wonder who the other goddesses are. :\

Of course, why do you think the Pope is a Jesuit?:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s it folks.

The Church has been outed by this guy and all his ‘studies’. Time to pack it up.

Please ask this guy which denomination and Church is safe so we know where to go?:rolleyes:


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