Crazy Cop Movies

What prompted me to start this thread is the recent television airing of two such movies.
Last week, it was Training Day (Denzel Washington), and tonight it is Unlawful Entry (Ray Liotta).

Another one is Internal Affairs (Andy Garcia, Richard Gere).

What other movies stand out?

Police Academy 1 throuth 7. :smiley:

I can’t really think of very many cop movies off the top of my head. But two that did:

Cop Land with Stallone

The Departed

God bless

The entire Lethal Weapon series with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover

Die Hard 1 thru 4 with Bruce Willis.

2 of my favorites are, and they’re very underrated:

One Good Cop (with Michael Keaton, Rene Russo, and Anthony Lapaglia

Striking Distance (with Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker)

Recently we rented Mall Cop. My 6 yr old, who normally has high ambitions, now wants to be a mall cop. :rolleyes:

L.A. Confidential is a good one. One Good Cop is one of my favorites ( . . .“we’re alive.”)

The French Connection. Serpico.

I liked, “A Perfect World”, but that was more about the boy and the convict than the cops. In that vein, Sugarland Express is a classic.

the wire (tv series, but still)

beverly hills cop


hot fuzz

in the heat of the night

righteous kill

the untouchables


minority report


reno 911 - miami

Cop starring James Woods as the James Elloy character “Crazy” Lloyd Hopkins. A LAPD Robbery Homicide detective who like his predessor Dirty Harry takes action when the rules of law prevents him from building a prosecutable case.

In the books, written before the author broke out from the pack with LA Confidential and Black Dahlia, Crazy Lloyd started as a National Guardsman in the Watts riots of 1965 who hunted down his sergeant who was using the riots as a license to murder

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