Crazy uncle?

This very good friend of mine is invited to a party. Her boyfriends grandparents are celebrating 50 years of marriage. All his family and friends are there. So she is officially invited as the boy’s girlfriend.
Durring the party the uncle (godfather) of the boy invites her to dance. Durring the dance the uncle puts his hands on her *** in front of the whole family. The event is even filmed. The uncle laughts like he did some nice joke. She tells her boyfriends but he says: this is my uncle, a little crazy guy.
She asked me what i think about it but honestly i don’t know what to tell her. Is it a sign that she should break up with the guy?

My sister is bisexual. I don’t think that’s a good reason for anyone to dump me. You can’t blame the boyfriend for having a crazy uncle.

And my sister is lesbian:D. But neither your sister or my sister grabed the *** of our boyfriend, husband. You would be angry if she did that, i would be angry if my sister did that.
I imagine myself in the situation and i think i would felt very humiliated that it happened in front of everybody and it was even filmed. But what is bothing her is that the boyfriend didn’t day anything, he even seemed amused.

You are right, you can’t blame the boyfriend.

I think i will stay out of it. I feel like she is not telling me everything about it and it’s not my bussines to advise her anything. :smiley:

Good decision! You can’t go wrong there. Just support your friend in whatever decision she makes. Edited to add: tell her to watch for anything else that is weird, and stay the heck away from that uncle!!!

I agree that you can’t blame the boyfriend for the uncle’s actions. But…the boyfriend, according to the OP, sort of treated the whole incident very trivially. Boyfriend and girlfriend may need to do some serious discussion about this. (If they haven’t already.)

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