Creating a Good Environment


Hello. I've been trying to discern for some time now and I am getting frustrated. I am wondering if maybe I should try and alter some of the things in my life in order to make myself better able to listen to God. I don't have a spiritual director, but I have been seeing the same priest for weekly confession for over two years now and he has directed me somewhat. I am wondering what you would think of doing these following things:

  1. I've been wanting to take a break from work for a while, maybe only for Lent and Easter, so I can be more available for Mass, adoration, and all the other good things we are advised to take up to help us discern clearer.
  2. I often get books at the parish library that I am so excited to read and learn from that end up sitting on the shelf at home. I have a great interest in learning and thinking about philosophy and the things of the faith, but i wonder if this could be clouding my mind. Perhaps I should just stick with meditating on the Word, and perhaps one other book. On that note, what do you think the kind of, or the particular, book should be?
  3. I spend a good deal of time looking up religious communities and things on the priesthood on the internet, as well as, news, forums :D, but mostly just things that deal with the faith in some way. As much as I love Catholic Answers, I am wondering if maybe I should really limit myself so I don't become so preoccupied with things that aren't mainly concerning discernment.

Well, there it is. All thoughts and suggestions are very welcome. And thank you.


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