Creating a new community for Catholic brothers

I’m wondering if there are any other guys out there who have given thought to starting a new community. I am not impressed with my experiences with “vocations.” I have lived “in” the world and my experiences with a handful of communities have left me feeling absolutely unfulfilled. We hear how our faith is in need of men, but no response to emails and telephone. Huh?

I/we have so much to offer… why not identify a charism and get to it?

we will keep you in prayer.

we also sponsor a yahoo group for aspiring founders, called the fullerton society. you can find it through the first link above. first and foremost, write down what youre evisioning, and live it yourself.


Try the Knights of Columbus.

One doesn’t “identify a charism and get to it.” Presumably, a charism is an inspiration from God–that is what the Church teaches. So it’s not up to human initiative. One can pray for inspiration, but the answer may be “no.” My point is that the initiative is really not something you can “do.”

Thank you for your support and faith in my endeavor.

Thank you for your support and faith in my endeavor.

I’m sorry if you don’t like my response, but I don’t think re-stating the teaching of the Church on what Charism is deserves sarcasm. Are you familiar with the documents of the Church on this matter? This is not my idea, but the Church speaking.

No offense taken. I have been an educator for many years. I have also worked with youth and music. I love to bake and often feed the hungry. I also have a special affinity for God’s creations. I am quite mindful of (and grateful for!) the many blessings (gifts) that have been bestowed upon me. I offer thanks and gratitude in every prayer and ask for guidance and direction on how I might share these gifts.

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