Creating Iconography through drawing (secondary questions and pictures posted)

I’m trying to produce a Madonna and Child drawing for my mother for Christmas. Would it be wrong to include the four wounds on the child Christ?

My take on it is that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever but I also understand that it’s not historically accurate as far as timelines go. Please give me some guidance. Thanks

It wouldn’t be traditional but yeah you can.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help does this only instead of wounds it shows Michael holding the staff with the sour sponge and Gabriel holding the cross as Christ looks towards him.


Thanks for the input and quick answer. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen an icon/drawing before with wounds in his hands and feet but can’t seem to find a picture of it on the internet.

You can, but I would be more inclined to follow tradition. Christ as a child did not carry the wounds. Peace.

I think it would be an interesting and thought-provoking concept… if you ever execute it, please post it.

Of course it would be good to include symbolically that the wounds are not chronological but prophetic.

Perhaps have the baby Jesus casting His gaze at Golgatha in the distance

If it comes out right I sure will.

I made this for her a few years ago. Not my best work but I still like it. (It’s not blue, that’s the camera filter)


That’s a really good idea but I think it’s a bit more complex than I can accomplish, especially in a week. I’ll keep it in mind if I ever try to produce another one.

@jgaw1234 - Using Google Chrome, I searched “Icon of Infant Jesus with wounds on hands & feet” and a few images of the Madonna & Child came up that you might want to see. One icon had the Baby Jesus nailed to the cross (not sure I liked that one!) and one icon showed Baby Jesus with wounds on his hands and feet.

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Thanks for the compliment! I am an artist too. I once etched on black glass images ofJesus and Our Blessed Mother. I gave them to my parish Priest and he hung them on the wall in the Adoration room.

I think a tiny hill with three crosses on it towards an upper corner would be quick and easy. Just a suggestion of course.

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I want to get the picture blessed tomorrow after Mass. What’s the rule on stipends? Is it not appropriate to give a priest a stipend merely for blessing an object?

I’ll post a picture of it when it is completed. I’m putting the finishing touches on it right now.

For those who were requesting here’s the picture. I had trouble with the scaling and mirroring but I think it turned out alright; especially after I was ready to give up and scrap it twice.

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There should be no stipend or money required for a priest blessing an object.

Do as you say you plan to do and ask the priest after Mass to bless the picture.

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Good job! It’s beautiful and looks perfect!

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I like the look of the facial features you accomplished for Jesus.

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Thanks but I can’t take credit.

I had to use this artist’s original for a basic form. I wanted to add more symbolism to make it closer to an icon.


Beautiful subject. I recognize the fleur de lis on your version. Meaning for you?

They are a symbol of the saints and a symbol of purity. That’s why I kept them white.

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