Creation and Evolution: A Conference With Pope Benedict XVI


Has anyone read Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s book yet?



<< Has anyone read Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s book yet? >>

Yeah me. See some summary quotes from Chance or Purpose in this Dec 2007 thread. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It is basically all his Catechetical Lectures from 2005-2006 that were formerly only available online in German, translated into English. A couple of those were hastily translated into English, but the book presents a fresh translation of all of them.

It is clear Schonborn has no problem with the science of biology, including human evolution. He nowhere questions macroevolution or common descent or natural selection in the book, but accepts all the science. His is a philosophical / theological / biblical / Catholic argument for creation and how it is compatible with the science. But he doesn’t go into a lot of detail on the science. For more detail on the science, I recommend books by (Catholic biologist) Ken Miller Finding Darwin’s God (1999), or (evangelical geologist) Keith Miller (no relation) Perspectives on an Evolving Creation (2003).

Schonborn’s July 2005 editorial in the NY Times is not included in the book. He clarifies that editorial in the first of his catechetical lectures. I put that on my site here: Schonborn on Creation and Evolution. This lecture is at the beginning of the book, but in a different English translation.

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I have it and have just started reading it but there is a Catholic Answers Live show that aired on December 21st where I had the pleasure of asking Cardinal Schönborn a couple of questions and getting good answers. Here’s the link so you can listen to the show.
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