Creation: Humanity vs. Single Human

I’m not sure where this goes. If someone has a better place for it, please let me know.

Can someone point me to the writings of past saints or past theological studies that deals with the following?

I have recently noticed how remarkably similar the creation account in Genesis is with the creation of a person.

In Genesis: Two people come together - man and woman. And, these two people form a marital union that is “one flesh.” Every person ever born can ultimately be traced back to that beginning.

In Conception: Two cells come together - egg and sperm. And, those two cells form a union that is one cell. Every cell ever made in that person can ultimately be traced back to that beginning.

I can see so many ways to map parallels between what we see going on today in regards to humanity to the context of cells in the body. I would enjoy reading about this subject.

I’m sure this concept is discussed somewhere - I’m guessing CAF is where someone will know the source.

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