Creation - metaphysics? or bad grammar?

The “problem” of creation is how to describe and find the first event.

But there is no problem. There is only bad grammar. The solution is in the words we use.

The idea of creation being a “first event” is bad grammar. Events are naturally modelled on causal, spatio-temporal physical objects. They are always caused by a previous event, by definition. So, a first, creation, event is a contradiction, or bad grammar.

The solution is to review what we are trying to explain. Grammar is a good start. We don’t have to look for an explanation. We don’t need to look to metaphysics. Creation is not a “first” spatio-temporal event, which is a contradiction, but is the ground or manifesting condition of causality or spatio-temporality.

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[/LIST]The Creation of the Universe, from Nothing, has been proven from the Big Bang then Theory postulated in the 1920’s, on Sciencific methodology only, by :tiphat::clapping: Belgian Priest/Scientist Fr Georges Lemaitre. The Popular name is THE BIG BANG, because that’s what it was: Everything, instantly, from Nothing. (That includes the laws of Calculus, gravity, electric chareges, Everything Precise to Support Life, evolution of everything.). Fr/Dr Lemaire’s Big Bang has never been refuted or disproven, and can not be, because there can be No Other explanation, proof of the Intelligence Proven in everything, including ours. [LIST=2]2.
[/LIST]has since explained how all Elements evolved from the basic Hydrogen. The reason he is ‘unknown/unacknowledged’ by the secular world is cecause he was Catholic Priest. Albert Einstein fully recognized Dr/Fr Lemaitre, asking him to fill in for him at a major address. [LIST=3] 3.
[/LIST]Grammar is a grammatical problem. Creation of Everything began instantly, Obviously By God, Proving The Creator: God the Father.

Excellent thoughts Jonesboy! They are understandable and very usable in debate! Thanks for providing the means for deeper understanding.

In other words, creation is that which makes causality possible?

I find validity in your statements, with help from Jonesboy’s understandings, by considering what is the ground or manifesting condition of causality or spatio-temporality? The Word, The Word with God, and God being the Word.

Though I can find validity in your statements, however I can also see an atheistic argument derived from your statements, “God is comparable to Nothing because everything we know/can prove(the universe) was created from nothing.”

You never addressed my basic point that a first event cannot be a creation of all events.

The Creation of the universe included the creation of time and space. So it cannot be in the same category as a “first event”. It was a transcendent act of God.

I didn’t address the Grammar, the Words, only the Reality of Creation. Only things that directly follow “An Event” follow it; ‘all events’ can’t, by definition… Dr/Father Georges Lemaitre’s now proven Big Bang Creation is what led directly to All Events, including our brains, and the Laws of Calculus. (Ain’t grammar/words fun?):smiley: And as Tonyrey pointed out, there was no time Before the Big Bang, nor is God’s existence. He was the Creator, when He did the incredible Big Bang, the Proof that The Intelligence/Creator always was. And He is Not Physical, until Our Lord became Human Also. Thanks for provoking our Thoughts, and Scientific/Church Proofs.

I said that, in so many, but not all, words.

Either that is a contradiction, or you are saying that the Big Bang is not an event.

Or - creation is the actual state of affairs, and causality is appearance.

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