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Have any of you ever been to the Creation Museum in Cincinatti, run by the Answers in Genesis group? If so, what is your take on it from a 1) theological and 2) entertainment perspective?

I haven't been to it, but they have beautiful ads on TV.

My understanding on the issue of "Creation VS Evolution" is that there is really no conflict. Even Darwin stated that he believed a "higher power" set the world in motion and then it evolved.

There are atheist "Darwinians" who are the fly in the ointment, believing that creation and evolution are polar opposites, as do fundamentalist creationists who cannot think abstractly.

Actually, I believe the atheists of today, who are still nagging at the age old question and usually it is from a personal experience, not a philosophical or intellectual curiosity, are just as narrow-minded as the fundamentalists who interpret Genesis literally, even though the authors of Genesis did not intend that.

There was a monk (I need to look up his name) who experimented with beans and came to the same conclusion as Darwin, at least in the plant form of evolution.

\There was a monk (I need to look up his name) who experimented with beans and came to the same conclusion as Darwin, at least in the plant form of evolution.\

**Gregor Mendel, a German Augustinian, as was Luther.

The whole WORLD is a creation museum.**

Thank you–you saved me some time. But Mendel remained Catholic, right? (I’ve been reading about the Reformation in books by Hilaire Belloc.)

I love that-- the whole WORLD is a creation museum, it absolutely is!

Depends on how you look at things I view things differently and sometimes present different ideas.

First the museum is set up for a literal account of the Genesis story of creation through an apparent scientific point of view.

My motive to visit the museum would be to observe the point of view of the creationist argument since it is very difficult to get the POV of them because they are put down by scientists. Since the museum is a life like setting of the Garden of Eden I would like to see what it would look like because Eden in scripture is rather beautiful.

However the scientific evidence they provide for a literal interpretation contradicts the fossil record and how things are dated. ( I clearly don’t believe that the World was created 6000 years ago, though it would be cool if it did because then Earth would be around longer in the future lol.) I would not visit it for the science but more for the beauty.

My second motive would be I heard they now have zip lining how fun.

Evolution is a banned topic.

I think the museum is a great idea. I watched a youtube video of demonstrators outside the museum and a talk with one of the heads of the museum. What struck me about the protestors was that they had almost nothing to say except “museum bad.” The only substantive remark came from a woman who said, “If this gets in the schools, I’ll sue.”

There was also a look inside the museum, including details about the expertise of the animatronics people who were involved in assembling the exhibits, and some shots of the exhibits themselves. One even converted to Christianity while doing his work there.


I never heard of and have not been to the one in Ohio.

But there is a creation museum in Glen Rose Texas and I would suspect they are very similar.

The big attraction there is a dry river bed, and the true believer Fundamentalists swear you can see human foot prints mixed in with the dinosaur foot print fossils.

Anthropoligists swear they are not human foot prints, not even close.

There is other evidence. The latest word from creationists is they are not certain about the riverbed related footprints.


I don’t even know why I’m commenting because I’ve never been, but I did watch a video about it once. I’m not sure where the museum was, but it had some really fancy animatronics. That’s pretty much all I can contribute. The video itself was basically just this atheist talking about how much it annoyed him. It looked like they were bullying Charles Darwin a bit too much as they were claiming he was anti-Christianity and stuff, yet as far as I know he never actually denied the existence of God. They also seemed to take the Bible very literally which I don’t approve of since I feel a lot of the stories are clearly impossible (like the tower of Babel, for example), but my opinions are pretty much worthless since I live in the United Kingdom and my only knowledge of this museum comes from a very biased video that I watched over a year ago. I’m also not Catholic so I have nothing to offer when it comes to theology. I just like to bug you guys.

“I just like to bug you guys.” Boy, that was refreshing. I wish a handful of people on the message board where I’m a moderator could say that.


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