Creationsim and the Dinosaur Dilemma


This came up in an evolution thread but was skipped over. Can anyone explain to me.

How humans co existed during the same time of the dinosaurs and survived?

How come we don’t find human/cow/any mammal bones, among the chrono-geological fossils of dinosaurs?

How could the dinosaurs an entire great species get wiped out at the same time yet the humans and sheep stayed alive?

This isn’t possible, my mind can’t work it out. I’ve loved dinosaurs since Prep, everything that i was learning only slowly contradicted what i was being taught as a catholic, then i hit grade 7 science and it blew me away. These questions have never been answered for me, but i never sought the answers until now…

Also can someone point me in the direction of the Noahs ark is it real thread? i need some questions answered


All of this pretty much remains a mystery. I can see two possibilities right off: 1. Since God the Father is outside of time, such creatures could have occurred as long ago as it is believed that they existed. Since the universe appears to be expanding, it is probably older than we think. Time is a concept for man, since our days are numbered. The Lord can do everything at once, since he is infinite.
2. The evil one had something to do with fossils, so as to call into question God’s truth. Millions believe in dinosaurs, but that does not mean they actually existed. It does mean that something resembling skeletons can be observed in the earth. How they came to be, we will just have to wait on.

Christ’s peace.


I don’t see the problem!?! Humans evolved after the dinosaurs died out. Just as God planned it. Creationism is NOT THE STANCE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. We believe in theistic evolution: YES EVOLUTION HAPPENED. AND IT WAS ALL GOD’S PLAN!


I just dont by that. What every evidence we have is simply a trick of the devil to dissuade us from god?


Abbadon, the answer is no. The view that God didn’t create dinosaurs is simply wrong, and not that of the Catholic Church. It is only held by fundamentalists who do not interpret the Bible according to the teachings of Rome.

Dinosaurs are undeniable and hence so too is evolution, which the Church accepts, as the means by which God created things!


Errr really? From the reading on the forum entitled the 87th evolution forum and other threads it seems that adam and eve and god creating the world in 7 days are core beliefs. How do you then make peace with theistic evolution and what it says in the bible? And then thier is the problem of if it was wrong about creation what else was it wrong about. Maybe you can explain your point and what you think about the story of Eden…


The CORE belief of the Church as you call it (I might call it a dogma) is the humanity decended from two human which we will call adam and eve.

All else is up for grabs, you can believe in 7 days of creation if you can justify it in your mind. I reject it because it seems the fossils make God out to be a liar (which I reject).

I accept the big bang and the evolution of life. But I also see God’s hand in the initiation of Life (at least the first DNA molecule) as the math does not work out otherwise (I’m a mathematician).

The church admits that God has not revealed (through revelation) how the universe was created as that is unimportant in His interaction with man. He may have revealed how it was created through

  1. giving us rational minds
  2. leaving hints in the heavens and on the earth
  3. giving us time to combine 1) and 2)


From the Library of this site:

Of course dinosaurs existed, however, I believe the dating methods are way off.

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You need not buy that. Possibilities, not probabilities. With more knowledge and education, my view will change. Probably not satan, as it appears he has only destructive capabilities rather than creative. Is there an infallible teaching, or just teaching on dinosaurs? Are they “Leviathan”? Likely not, as that is described as a multi-headed sea creature. This will be argued until we drop, as will the story of Genesis, which was apparently not written by an eyewitness. And the whole argument over the seven days of creation-we’re talking about the actions of God, to whom time does not apply. These must remain mysteries, I’m afraid.

Christ’s peace.


Interesting, isn’t it, that we are called to believe unswervingly in Christ, who left no bones, and are left to dispute over fossilized remains.


Disputes have value only if they lead to the correct conclusions. I find myself doing my own research and the Bible is the Word of God, not men.

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I think we have both concluded correctly that only Christ, and doing His will matters.

May His peace be always with you.


Probably not satan, as it appears he has only destructive capabilities rather than creative.

If the result of creating fossilized bones creates a drifting of faith in God, then the result IS destructive. All manner and means of the evil one is destructive.

I don’t understand why some protestants hold that if evolutiuon is a reality then there is no God. If evolution IS what happened, then God had His hand in it, and the Bible is not to be taken literally (ahh… there’s the rub).


Man had a greater ability to adapt then did the dinos. Also, dino needed more food than man did, and man could hide food in places like small caves where the dino could not enter.


Right now, because of a desire for novelty or boredom or pure maliciousness, there are issues with what the Church teaches and the world of ‘science.’

God can perform miracles, yes? Sometimes, science needs to get out of the way of what God can do. Pope Benedict refers to science and revelation as complementary but some scientists have strictly separated the two. It seems to me there is evidence of dinosaurs that were contemporary with men.

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My guess is that if someone believes only in the bible, and nothing else, then they have made God pocket-sized and have imposed their own limits on Him. This represents a shallow faith. Of course, they do not believe everything in scripture, otherwise they would have held fast to the traditions that Paul and the twelve handed on (“Therefore, brothers, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught, either by an oral statement or by a letter of ours”. 2 Thessalonians 2:15).

But, of course, that would make them Catholic.

Christ’s peace.


Some of modern science views faith as anti-intellectual. Well, just Who gave them their intellect? And, how do they restrict their intellectual growth, if they confine their illumination to the horizontal? They might have a point when they cure the common virus. Once again, the evil one leads them astray, deceiving them into believing that they can and will possess all knowledge - even if only of a limited subject.

If Seminaries began the training of scientists, their minds would more readily accept the infinite, I would think.


And that will always be the concern. A reasoned study of what can and what should be done. In the past, scientists and inventors like Samuel Morse, had no trouble talking about God and their work in public. The first telegraph message: “What hath God wrought?”

Anyway, it should be admitted that bias enters into science. Any evidence of dinosaurs contemporary with modern man would pose problems.

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Are dinosaurs the only problem?
What about astromony, geology and the other animals?
BTW, some dinosaurs did live along men, even today.
We eat dinosaurs in KFC, and Americans have even a tradition of dinosaur eating in Thanksgiving. Some people even keep small dinosaurs in cages to hear their territorial songs.


Really? I don’t think so, and neither does the Smithsonian:

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