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I am looking for ideas for some creative, fun, and preferrably cheap dates. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4.5 years, and we are getting tired of sitting in front of the tv and going out to the same restaurant every week! Ideas please! Thanks!


maybe look for a new interest, one you can continue to share even after marriage and with your kids. Birdwatching, boating, hiking, star-gazing, antiquing, building something together, habitat for humanity, volutneering. Consider teaching CCD or doing scouting, coaching a sport, anything with youth. Take up a new sport. canvass your shared interests and look for new ones. When we were dating and newly wed we made a project of hiking all the trails in all the Cleveland and Akron metroparks, and later the new state and national parks in the region. We were still finding new sites when we went to these places with our kids.

DD and SIL worked on inventing board games and computer games while they dated, and are still doing it 5 yrs later, have turned it into a money-making hobby. DD#2 and hubby met in a jazz band in college, formed a quintet that still plays together 12 yrs later.


Its going to be summer pretty soon…How about going to the lake for a day? You could make a picnic and go out there for a day. If he likes to fish you could let him do that and you could take a nice book and just enjoy being outside. Our you could pick up a pole! There are always fun things to do at the lake. The lakes around here have paddle boat rentals.

I always wish I could find a guy to go to all the outdoor plays & summer concerts they have during summer time. They do Shakespeare in the Park here.

Good luck!


Taking up a hobby is a great idea.

Join a book club.

It is fun to be a tourist in your own town - state.

How about volunteering together?


How about playing at the playground and chasing an ice cream truck while it pulls away? Cheap, fun, and silly. Also are there movies in the park during the summer in your area? Check local papers for freebie and cheap events


Great ideas so far. What about some sports that involve specifically two persons? I don’t mean martial arts, but what about let’s say, fencing? Since playing volleyball or footy between two people will get boring after a while.

Scrabble? Chess? Those logical games can be a lot of fun.

Or you can make it a game to find original places and surprise the other. :wink:


I know this isn’t about the subject…But i wanted to ask this to someone who’s a catholic. If your separated can you still receive communion in the church? My wife left me a few months ago and she’s walking around acting as if she’s done nothing wrong. I’m baptist so i don’t really know to much about the Catholic faith…I know our marriage was in a Catholic church by a Catholic Priest.


The fact that she left you doesn’t mean you’re separated. Separation itself doesn’t prevent receiving communion - divorce and remarriage does. I’ll pray for you and hope this works out. Many blessings to you and your wife as well, may she regain her mind.


Thank you for your help and your kind words. May God bless you.


Check the weekend edition of the paper (around here, it’s usually the Friday edition) and check out all the events listed. You’ll usually find a lot of things you’ve never thought of trying (poetry readings, Bhutanese music concerts, lectures on local history, etc.) and a lot of them are FREE.

My husband and I did try a weekly ballroom dance class for a while (till work interfered). It wasn’t that expensive and we also got to meet a lot of people.

Pick something you’ve always wanted to do but were too chicken to try on your own. Take classes together–photography, foreign language, Thai cooking, whatever! Develop interests that you’ll enjoy pursuing after you’re married.

Have fun!


Thank you, I do need that. I don’t think legal language is what you need at the moment, but if you’d like to make sure what separation looks like in the Catholic Church, go here. Right at the Vatican, the Canon Law. It takes a decree from the local bishop for a Catholic marriage to be separated unless it’s too dangerous for one spouse to remain with the other, or for children. Otherwise it’s just abandonment and it’s not something a spouse has the right to do.


Plano, TX??? It’s summer…go see the Rangers play! You can get decent tickets to a ballgame for under $20 each – less, if you don’t mind the nosebleed seats.

Or, if Arlington is too far, head over to Frisco and watch the Roughriders (level AA) play. Few things are as neat as watching minor-leaguers hustle – they give it their all every game. Plus, minor league ball is cheaper.

There’s also the Dallas Children’s Theater, the Dallas Theater Center, and the Dallas Shakespeare Festival.

There’s the “Taste Addison” festival, the State Fair in September, the Greek Food Festival

The list goes on and on. If I hadn’t moved from Dallas last year, I’d offer to show you guys around! :slight_smile:

In any case, none of those things is prohibitively expensive to attend, though some of the festivals may have expensive wares. It’s fun to go, though!



How about volunteering together?

-Visit a nursing home (we did it when we were dating, it was very endearing to see my then friend/boyfriend now husband talking with people that were so happy to have someone to talk to, I was amazed at all the things he knew about too). Plus, if you are dating I guess you are discerning marriage and it tells you a lot to see how your possible future spouse interacts with the elderly, etc (not to make this a test or anything)

  • Call local charities (if in doubt stick with Catholic ones so you know they should have good moral standards) and see if they have anything you could do for them one afternoon (or longer if you have the time)

  • Think if there is anyone you know that may need your help (grandparents, elderly neighbor, etc) and ask if there is anything you can do for them. Painting a room, raking leaves, any chore is more fun when you are with your bf/gf (at least that was my experience)

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


One word. Letterboxing.

Perfect for two, perfect for summer. Once you get hooked, perfect for any time of year. It’s creative, it’s outdoorsy, it’s challenging (sometimes), it’s fun.

If I didn’t live in stinking Mississippi, but back home in Michigan, I’d be out letterboxing right now, and not on these forums so much! :wink:


My friend sent me a link about letterboxing, and I was just about to suggest it to the OP. Great thought!


on a side note, this might be a good time to challenge each other and see what’s what…4.5 years is a long time to have been watching tv and dining at the same place…you may really be at a crossroads in the relationship if you are feeling bored…if you don’t share any hobbies or “do” much together, maybe it’s a red flag? hopefully a little prayer time will help clarify things. best of luck!


ok if she is not dating anyone etc and is living on her own yes she is free to recieve communion.or so i have been told.
it appears you are possibly looking for some “ammo” on her maybe even to get her back to you this is not even remotely close to the way to do that, a little advice here dont try to one up someone it will come back always to boot you in the hiney.
if you are looking to get her back be yourself or be the person she originally married, we all change throughout our lives, open lines of communication , as far as her walking around as if she has done nothing wrong, not knowing the situation at all she may not have.
Hope that answered your questioneven if it wasnt the answer you wanted to hear…


divorce and remarriage without an anullment does, divorce does not nor remarriage as long as remarriage is with anullment

just a clarification being question was asked by a NON Catholic.

for the record divorced without anullment should not even be dating, as person is still married in eyes of the church without an anullment.


wow huge change of climate from Michigan to Mississippi…\

on that note Michigan in bad economic slump right now so maybe you better off where you are, its almost to the point them bumper stickers gonna make a come back last person out of Michigan please turn out the lights…

Oh and tha lakes are still really cold smelt just starting to run ( lake temps about 44 degrees)



I know. At least we get sun more than three times a month down here, though. I remember one time at MSU we clocked 1.5 months w/o a full day of sun.

Oh and tha lakes are still really cold smelt just starting to run ( lake temps about 44 degrees)

I’ll miss my Cheboygan camping trip this July, though, no matter how cold the Straits are.

Which reminds me (since the last time I was in the Straits of Mackinac, I was in a triathlon), have you considered taking up running? You can download a very realistic couch-to-5K running plan, find a race a few months out that looks appealing, and train together. It’s amazing how running with someone brings you closer!


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