Creator or Maker?

The Apostles Creed says “I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.” Also the Nicene Creed says “… creator of all things both visible and invisible.” But, usually I find the word translated as “maker” in Missals used in Mass. Is God a Creator or a Maker?:confused:

Tell me what you think the difference is between creator and maker and then we have a talking point.
Otherwise you may as well pick nits.

Creator and maker are synonyms.

I thought create means to form something out of nothing whereas make means to form something out of something that’s already there. God is a creator, He created everything out of nothing, nothing existed before He created it. But He can still make things out of things He already created. So He’s both. :slight_smile: Like you **create **a new story, but you **make **a sequel to a story you already created. That’s what I always thought. I might be wrong. :slight_smile: But most people use the words synonymously.

I like what you wrote here!

Similarly, God Created the Cosmos and all matter and made it into the heavens and the earth… That could be one way to look at it

create: bring into existence produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior

make: cause to exist, occur, or appear : create fit, intend, or destine by or as if by creating .

make and create are synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same thing.

My “The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary” (1990) defines the words this way. Create involves using the imagination in a artistic way to make. While Maker is someone who makes using some compounds. To me the difference is between using a preexisting material to make, or to create from nothing.:thumbsup:


If you take a strict creationist view, God created the universe out of nothing in six days and rested on the seventh, hence he created. If you take an evolutionary view, then God made the universe over billions of years. Tweaking or guiding the process throughout, thus a maker. Also, if you say maker, you might believe God created the universe out of preexisting material; which preceded even God? You can also wonder if God is still making, including us?:smiley:

Yes, that’s how I always thought it was defined. :slight_smile:


Well, God created the universe, but according to Genesis, he made man from the dust of the earth, and Eve from the rib of Adam.

I think the words are mostly used synonymously and it really is not anything to be concerned about.

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