Creatures in Heaven

If you were a child, you probably had a pet once. At some point that pet died, and you were upset.

Thus the question arose: would there be animals in Heaven? Those who think so point to the fact that animals bring joy to humans and to the fact that the bible mentions horses being in Heaven. Those who think not point to the fact that animals don’t have souls.

But what nobody considers is just how important animals are to human society. On the most basic level, there are trillions of microbes in our body that aren’t technically part of our bodies. Things might be … weird … if they weren’t there. And the Bible suggests that we’ll have bodies in Heaven, so if your answer is “we won’t need them” then you’d better have a good explanation for why not.

Apart from Gut Flora, animals have are used in countless professions and forms of recreation involve animals. A large number of the people in my family love hunting and fishing and cooking; being able to do those things would make Heaven more enjoyable than if they were never able to do those things.
It would be a little sad a the horse-racer can never again race, if the zookeeper and the biologist and the naturalist can never again study things that fascinate them, or if the child could never again go looking bugs under rocks and logs. This isn’t even going into people whose jobs involve animals and who enjoy (or at least gain some comfort/nostalgia from) these jobs; some of the shepherds in The Bible probably liked shearing sheep.
And before you say “we won’t need recreation in Heaven”, remember that The Bible suggests people in Heaven retain their personalities, their identities, and their individuality. They aren’t absorbed into a hive-mind.

Finally; meat. Most people eat meat because it is delicious and filling. The bible’s description of Heaven mentions fruit-trees and mentioned that the fruits are in season every month of the year. The fruit trees suggest that there is food in Heaven, and the fact that those fruits are apparently being harvested suggest that the food isn’t for decoration. If there were no animals in heaven, then there’d be no meat. No beef, no fish, no BLT sandwiches, etc.

“But”, some of you might be thinking, “it wouldn’t be very heavenly for animals to be dying there regularly”. Well, animals don’t have souls so they are never spiritually alive to begin with. Therefore, I don’t see anything wrong with them being used for foods and recreation and such. In fact, in Heaven they might not even feel pain and might even be re-formed at the end of the day.

So in total, when we’re with God I don’t see why we can’t also be able to enjoy his creations.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

I disagree. Even if animals went to Heaven, we wouldn’t use them for recreation like Heaven is some sort of park or earthly paradise. Our joy from the beatific vision will be completely fulfilling, we won’t miss our old enjoyments that we had on earth.

We will have bodies, so we will do “body things.” There is no reason why those wouldn’t include running around with a furry companion.

We should not overspiritualize the life eternal. It’s for everybody!


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