Credo/Creed & Reflectoin of Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity

During Mass, when we come to the NIcene Creed, I cannot stop thinking we will have to answer before God, someday. But, as we recite/say the Creed, my contemplation fell on asking: what is the purpose? I started to lose strength, confidence, and prayer when coming to this point in Mass. I became disheartened for awhile. Well, a short while. Until as I was reciting the Creed, I began to think of Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity, who were persecuted in the Roman Colosseum. For some reason, I imagined them standing together in the middle of their persecutors, being killed by lions, or whichever horrible ways they killed these two saints.

Thus, when saying the Creed, I’ve grown close, just at that moment, in the Mass, to them.

I say thank you for them. They stood against the horrid torture and brutality, that I never faced. I am so lucky to be a in country that does not do what sadly was done to these two great women, and Holy Martyrs. It’s because of these saints (and others alike) that Christendom, in the Western World has forbade this. Sure, there are moments these evils pop up in history. Even when Christendom has been there for years. However, a sign that generally tells that Christendom itself (i.e. what it teaches in Christian morality) is often failed, or never met. Or, even turned against. Is when evil becomes worse: WWII, as an example. Luckily God has placed saints on earth. There are countless other Christian people’s, who do not follow the Creed. Many like Anglican’s, traditional Protestant, non-traditional Protestant, and non-denominational who have suffered to. Especially those who do missions. I’d also add that people of good will (of all religions, races, and creeds - believers and non-believers) also have suffered greatly.

That then turns my eyes to Our Lady in Fatima, who showed the children the Pope walking, wherefore arrows shot, and the Angel’s took the blood of the martryrs, and sprinkled on the people. I realized that the saints and martyrs entered the Passion and Mystery of Christ. And that even men/women of goodwill enter into. For even if they do not believe, the Lord of justice and mercy, hearing the cries of the poor, and the tears of the saints. Has lent this blood of martyrdom to pave the way for people of goodwill to enter into His Household and Kingdom.

Hopefully this Lent you may come to the Creed, and think of the saints - especially the martyrs who’ve died before you. Thanking them. But thanking God for such courageous people He set down on earth.

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