Credo in the Revised Translation in Canada

Does anyone know if we will still be using the Apostles Creed during Mass in Canada?
My local parish only uses the Nicene Creed once every few years. :frowning:

Either is allowed. We used to use the Nicene Creed exclusively but after we changed Pastors, we use the Apostle’s Creed exclusively.

We have to wait on the approval for the GIRM adaptations for Canada to see if there will be prescriptions regarding which to use. Until then, I don’t think anything is changing.

I have been to some parishes in B.C. that use the Nicene Creed. My own parish only uses it on certain occasions (I forget what these are?). I have recently been trying to learn it because it fits more closely to what we use in the EF.

I don’t see why anything would change on that front.

Canada uses the Apostles Creed by indult, since the norm according to the 1975 GIRM is the Nicene Creed. The CCCB wanted to use the Apostles Creed so badly that it requested an indult to do so. Since the 2002 GIRM allows either Creed to be used, do you really think the CCCB will reverse its stand and suddenly decide the Nicene Creed will be used on a regular basis? They don’t even enforce its use at Christmas and Annunciation – in the ORDO all they do is add a suggestion that its use is appropriate on those days.

There must be some reasoning behind this.
Have you ever heard of any reasons, reasonable or otherwise?

I hope that the CCCB will make the Nicene creed obligatory at some key liturgies throughout the year. I am sad to admit that I have not yet memorized this creed and I believe that we all need to be familiarized with this creed; even if we are Canadian… heh? :smiley:

The Philippines also uses the Apostle’s Creed exclusively.
I am thinking of suggesting to our priest to go back to using the Nicene Creed. I’ll see what he will say

Good luck!

Thanks! He’s a great guy, he listens and he’s always open to doing things that will bring the people more together. Plus I help around the parish so he knows me and would listen to me. Doing what I ask is a different thing I know, I respect his position as my pastor.

No, never.

I once asked the priest who was teaching a course on the Mass why the CCCB had requested the indult.

First he was surprised that we’d needed an indult to use it then all he could do was surmise that it was because it was easier to learn and that most people already knew it from saying the rosary.

I recall reciting the Nicene Creed in French in the parish where I grew up but the last time I was at a Mass at home they were using the Apostles Creed there too – and that was the one used in other French parishes where I went to Mass while on vacation.

The reasoning that I heard was that the Apostles Creed is appropriate whenever parts of the RCIA are done (so for example, the Sundays of Lent) since the Apostles Creed is the baptismal creed. Although I cannot recall the source, IF memory serves, Pope Benedict himself supports this notion.

On the other extreme (the not-reasonable end) some choose the Apostles Creed because it’s more politically correct since it doesn’t have the line “Who for us men and for our salvation…” Some choose it just because it’s shorter.

The nice thing about going to Mass in a Benedictine abbey is that these indults don’t apply. We do the Nicene Creed exclusively. Our traditions and practices follow the Benedictine traditions of our congregation, not those of the diocese.

I suspect the real reason for the indult: another tool to keep Sunday Mass at 50 minutes and not a minute longer. :mad:

The Apostles’ Creed was used in Canada for many years before 1975. I have several Mass pamphlets dating from 1959 to 1962 where the Apostles’ Creed is used instead of the Nicene Creed. I have no idea how widespread the use was in the whole of Canada but it definitely was used in the Archdioceses of Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal. How often, again I can’t say but I do know that from the time the Mass began to be said in the vernacular the Apostles’s Creed has been used at the majority of Masses I have attended. That being said, I know of several priests in different dioceses in my province who prefer to use the Nicene Creed exclusively as is their right.
As an adult, all the parishes that I have belonged to have used the Apostles’ Creed but have all said the Nicene Creed at Creistmas and the Annunciation without exception. A few have also said that Creed on other special Feast Days as well such as all Marian Feasts and Pentecost Sunday.

I suspect the real reason for the indult: another tool to keep Sunday Mass at 50 minutes and not a minute longer.

Funny, in the forty years that the Missal of Paul Vl has been is use in Canada and the Apostles’ Creed has been used I have yet to attend a Sunday Mass anywhere in this country that hasn’t lasted at least an hour. Okay, perhaps the early Mass at 7 am where there is no singing and a relatively smaller congregation but that is no different than the early Masses I grew up with that were entirely in Latin with the Nicene Creed!

I presume you mean the Apostles Creed was what was said in Latin?

Of course. However it was sung in Latin also at my parish but I really don’t remember when it began. I do know that by 1961 it was normal to sing the Apostles’ Creed at Mass because I used to play the organ for daily Masses guring the summer when the nun who was our choir director was on retreat. I still have the music sheets that I used. The reason that our daily Masses were sung Masses was that the pastor insisted that they all be Requiem Masses and that required an organist and a choir daily.

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