Creighton during post-partum


Creighton Users–when do you start charting again after having a baby?

We need to find a new fertility care practitioner in my area due to having moved just after learning it, then gotten pregnant and probably will need to be “re-taught” it, requiring a month of abstinence and all of that. We’d like to do that directly after the delivery when we are abstaining anyway, but I wonder if it will work that way?

There are women in my family who have been pregnant again by their six week post-delivery checkup and my health cannot afford to be one of those ladies, so we’re hoping to feel confident in our charting and learn how to avoid during breastfeeding and spot the return of fertility, etc. After birth, I’ll probably be put back on a drug that has a side-effect of inducing ovulation, so I’m not sure how this will affect my cycles.

Anyone have any knowledge or thoughts to share about using Creighton (or re-learning it) directly after giving birth??

I know the mucus pattern is different after a delivery for quite some time but I’m not familiar with what to expect. (This is what a CCLI user told me but I don’t want to start mixing methods, as we don’t do internal checks, etc.) I just want to be able to recognize fertile mucus!


I usually wait until I see any sign of mucous and then start charting again. I always do observations, but don’t chart until the first sign of mucous. You may get long extended periods of mucous before you actually ovulate and get a period, but that is a sign that your fertility is returning.


Charting should begin as soon as the lochia (post-partum bleeding) decreases, which usually occurs at 3-4 weeks pp. I would encourage you to contact a FCP as soon as possible to discuss your needs and to receive instructions.



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