Creighton NFP- gummy discharge=infection?

Hello- are there any Creighton Fertility model users on this forum? I am searching for answers regarding my chart, but my regular instructor is out of town and I haven’t heard from her. I have been having a gummy discharge 1-3x a day for about 2 weeks straight now. I remember my instructor saying something about how a consistent gummy discharge could signal infection, but I’m not sure what kind? Is It very severe? I have also been having abdominal pain- nothing terribly painful, just small sharp pains lasting a couple of seconds. I’m curious of anyone has gone through this. I am out of town and will be until Monday, so I can’t go to the doctor yet. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Obviously, I am not your doctor so not giving medical advise. :slight_smile: However, I would see what your instructor says. I am sure she will suggest a visit to your doctor. You could have bacterial vaginosis or yeast, and the doctor could check for these and other issues.

Go see your doctor immediately! He/she is the only safe authority in something like this.


Read the creighton book: the beginning of the chapter “introduction to napro”… under chronic discharges.

It can mean a few various conditions: cervical eversion being one.

This is where the napro doctor comes in.

What happens if it stays consistent is that your teacher will help you learn to distinguish between gummy and regular, and you’ll get yellow stickers.

I had a napro doc who did the cryo procedure which cleared up most of it.

Please consult with your practitioner. We are unable to permit medical advice to be offered on CAF. Thanks for your understanding.

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