Creighton students spend time with homeless

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Wow, what a powerful witness that these college students experienced. I am sure this is a message they will share with others, so not only their life will be changed for the better but all they touched. Were you one of them Brad?

I agree, I think this a great thing that they do at Creighton. I am not a student at Creighton, but I live here in Omaha. The St. Francis House is right across the street from where my mom’s house once stood and Holy Family is where she went to grade school and grew up going to church. Just thought this article would be a good one to share since we usually only get bad news out of the media.


God bless Creighton University and thanks for sharing.

Proud of them and Creigton. I am orginally from Lincoln, So happy to hear about this.

“We’re from Creighton,” Alysa said, “trying to experience what you are experiencing.”

The woman laughed. “You’ll never know what we’re experiencing.”

The group sees volunteers at the church assembling sack lunches for the homeless. Aching to do something constructive, they pitch in.

Some are instructed to put cookies in plastic bags. Others pass out the ham sandwich and cheese cracker lunch to the line that forms at the back door of the church.

If the students thought for a second that they blended in, a chatty street guy named Rel dealt them a dose of reality.

Everybody knows you’re college kids visiting the Siena-Francis House, Rel said. Word spreads fast on the streets.

Its true that it is unlikely that the students will know what the homeless are experiencing. They mean well, but don’t face the desperation of living on the streets.

Tim Sully, shelter development director, would say later that such visits bring mutual benefit.

Homeless people see that someone cares. A sense of hope is sparked.

Students learn how moms and dads spiral into homelessness. Stereotypes are challenged.

Mostly, the students on this night were overwhelmed at the magnitude of the problem. Their big question: what to do with what they learned?

Yes, what to do with what they have learned? This is the matter on which the usefulness of their spring break will balance. Meaning well isn’t enough. Its what you do that counts.

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