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My son is a senior in high school and is looking at colleges. He is considering Creighton University in Omaha and Providence College in Rhode Island. Both are Catholic. Academically they look ok. I am trying to determine how orthodox they are in regards to Catholic doctrine and teachings?

Recommendations or comments, especially from alumni or current students, would be very helpful.

One last point my son leans toward the math, science and engineering (although he is also quite good at music).



I don’t know much about Providence, but I wouldn’t recommend Creighton for its Catholic identity. They have been in the news here in NE. You should be able to find news stories about how the Omaha Bishop has distanced himself and the diocese from the college. It is very liberal.


Catholic news agency has a story about Creighton University.


I’m from Omaha and yes, Creighton does tend towards the more liberal side of Catholicism. I wouldn’t personally recommend it.



I’m a sophomore at Providence College.

I find PC to be very orthodox. The Dominican fathers are very good. They are truly a great advantage to this college. They are both very faithful and very smart. I love it.

On the count of orthodoxy, I’d have to say-- yes, it is orthodox.

I have to get to bed, but I’d be happy to answer any of your other questions about the college.



Alumnae of Creighton here. Pardon me while I catch my breath from laughing at the suggestion it is a liberal environment. It’s been a while since I graduated…but I do have a neice attending there now. Keep in mind it is the home of the Pope Paul VI Institute w/ Dr. Hilgers as one of the leading authorities in the medical community on NFP and fertility treatment that is in conformity with Catholic teachings–as is cited frequently on Catholic radio.

Other than being a Jesuit University–often in and of itself suspect even within the Catholic community–it is a very solid, vibrant, service oriented, spiritual Catholic community–one that frequently sees loyal alums sending their kids back. Academically, their health sciences (undergrad and graduate/professional level) are their strong suit and they give preference to their own undergrads for admission to professional school. If you tend towards business, arts, political science, law…it is satisfactory, though not stellar.


My daughter is going to the School of Nursing there now. It is liberal compared to Franciscan for example. The Theology class she took was a joke taught by a female former Protestant minister, as I recall and didn’t teach much in the way of Catholicism. She has been disappointed in that and several other classes that way, as she went there to get that kind of background. But in the Nursing core classes and medical background stuff, the education is 1st rate.


Creighton teaches its doctors about in-vitro, etc. but does little to further NaPro technology.

This summer they had invited a pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia speaker to teach. The Archbishop of Omaha has severed ties with the Creighton Center for Family and Marriage after two university researchers said the Catholic Church should allow engaged couples to live together and have sex before marriage.

A common joke around town (Omaha) was that if you wanted to get a priest to say that your bad behavior was acceptable, all you had to do was go to Confession down at St. Johns (Creighton’s Church.)

On the positive side, of my 3 good friends and 1 sister who went to Creighton, I can confirm that 3 are still practicing Catholics.


Dr. Hilger’s is very good! He doesn’t represent the entire college. I would very seriously educate yourself about what has been taking place at Creighton. I live the in Omaha Diocese and I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact at every opportunity I travel to Lincoln Diocese to attend Mass. This diocese is not like Lincoln’s and if even this diocese will distance themselves from Creighton I would have to ask myself why.


Ask the college if their appropriate faculty members have signed and publicly professed the Mandatum.

If they answer no or if they refuse to answer then avoid the place.


I have to say that Creighton is mainly a liberal college being here for two years, but they do have decent student groups, like the Rosary Club is big, so is Knights, and Students for Life, and a few faculty and some Jesuits are pretty orthodox. Of course then you have the Archbishop seperating himself from the Center for Marriage and Family over the group’s support for co-habitating for engaged couples. The Pope Paul VI Institute is not part of Creighton at all; it is a seperate operation that Dr. Hilgers is now running apart from the school and hospital although he does many operations out of Creighton Hospital. He is privately run operation though. They (Fr. Schlegel) did stop endorsement of a proabortion and euthanasian speaker brought in by the Center of Ethics (another probably proliberal group on campus). I would say if you do not mind a challenge, you can find like minded students on campus and a few faculty, but you may be butting heads with other faculty and find frusteration in other ways. The one important thing is that you do have vibrant opportunities for service which is greatly supported by the school. You may have to ask around to find classes with good faculty for phil and theo.
If you want less of the above, then choose something like Providence maybe or Steubenville.


Creighton as well as most Catholic universities struggles with the how can we be a university and Catholic.

The problem is what has a university been allowed to become? There is much tim wasted chasing silly arguments and ignoring the truth mission to educate and seek the TRUTH. Catholic and university are great tgether. The problem is that academicians deny objective truth and there in lies the problem.

Creighton is a great school academically. If you want good book learning you can find that at a state school for less money. If you want a great Catholic experience and I assume the people on this forum are not the “progressive” Catholics that Creighton has, look elsewhere.

I have been down there to look at old NY Times stories on microfilm and seen the Creightonian student newspaper talking about the gay student group protesting that there was speed dating but only for heterosexuals. This is wrong on so many levels but if a school calls itself Catholic there can be no “gay student group” and the newspaper should not give them a front page forum to proclaim their falsehoods.

Where is the society for the realization that 2+2=5? How long would the Math department tolerate that nonsense?


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