Cremation and or burial

I have only a 5,000 face value whole life policy from the KofC. My agent told me that wouldn’t be enough to get a burial plot but possibly pay for a cremation. I know you can’t scatter ashes. I’ve been thinking about a will or living will that would give instructions. I want “last rites” or whatever it is and a funeral Mass. All the sacraments for the dead that is. I need to know what I need to prepare for death. And also I suppose I could always by a non-catholic term policy later to help pay bills and perhaps buy what is necessary for proper Catholic interment. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.


You can also talk to your local funeral home about prepaid funeral options and your insurance agent about an additional term life policy.

Correct. You cannot scatter ashes. They are to be interred in a grave or columbarium.

“Last rites” are the sacraments of reconciliation, anointing, and eucharist. You can receive these sacraments when in danger of death. Of course, one never knows, so one should receive reconciliation and the eucharist frequently, and anointing if in a serious health condition.

You can talk to a funeral director or your parish priest or deacon about such options and establish your wishes ahead of time.

Don’t you get certain things after death? Like some kind of blessing or something I don’t know if it’s a sacrament or not. But isn’t it needed to enter in? :shrug:


Get term insurance, not whole life insurance.

You get a funeral Mass after death, which is offered for the deceased. The anointing (or last rites) is given before death.

That’s what my agent got me. I have heard the same as you say. Term insurance. I guess maybe I could try or something and see what’s available. Or another insurer.


Sacraments are for the living. A Christian funeral contains prayers for the dead.

No, nothing after death. Think of it like an hourglass. Once the sand is out, you’ve run out of second chances.
Cremation is very inexpensive. $750 around here. But there additional costs:
transportation of the body to the Crematory, the cost of the urn or box you select, and then the interment of the ashes.
See your local funeral home director and make your choices in advance.

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