Cremation and the Catholic Church

Can someone please clarify to me a question that has been asked of me regarding Cremation.
I’ve read very carefully the CCC 2301 *[size=2]The Church permits cremation, provided that it does not demonstrate a denial of faith in the resurrection of the body.[/size]*93
The spouse has chosen to honor the request of the deceased that the body be cremated and buried at a military cemetery.
However brothers and sisters of the deceased have asked that some of the ashes be distributed to each of them as a "commemoration"
and the spouse has apparently consented.
My question (apparently after the fact) is this appropriate?

I see no problem with it as long as the intent is for love and respect for the dead.


As I understand it, the ashes are not to be scattered, but put in one place. I don’t think that what you are suggesting is contrary to that, however the ashes given to the family should be kept in erns and in a respectful place.

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