CRHP, Christ Renews His Parish, opinions?

Has anyone ever attened one of these programs at a parish? Opinions?

yep. great. your mileage may vary.

what do you mean by mileage?

I have. It’s very much worth the time.

It is a very effective program that seems to turn luke warm young Catholics and others into Catholics who are hungary for their Faith. Like Catholic Charismatics, Marriage Encounter folks, etc. it can lead to some people in that rejuvenated Catholic group who see themselves as superior to those who plod along as ordinary faithful Catholics.

We had it at our parish for a while and it was wonderful, but a small number of the “graduates” became very divisive and our Parish Council killed it off. Despite the downside, I would highly recommend it, as in my opinion the renewal far outweighs the problems that might occur.:slight_smile: .

I have been to 3 of them and will be attending my 4th in Feb. The most life changing thing I ever went through. Can’t tell what all happens at the weekend because it will ruin some of the weekends quality. Lot happiness though and getting to know God.

I was told I could not attend although I was 18 at the time.

IMHO, CRHP should wait until you have a few years under your belt - it is entirely possible that in 18 years you have experienced enough life to benefit, but I think that would be the exception rather then the rule.

you may not like it.

I have made this weekend and am now part of the first official team for my parish. I will be giving the witness talk on Renewal. The story of my struggle with forgiving my ex and finally coming to forgive is a story of renewal and I have felt that the Lord has been calling me to tell it and now I will!

It was my understanding that you’re really only supposed to make this retreat once and then become part of the team, but even then, your commitment is only supposed to be for the next retreat and then a new team comes in after that. There are reasons for this that I won’t get into, but perhaps the CRHP website can explain.

That’s right. You should decline to go beyond what the program says because it will force others to step up as they should.

You should have one of their handbooks and all that is covered in it.

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