Cricket holy war on as Anglicans accept Vatican challenge


It seems the Vatican has challenged the Anglicans to a cricket match.

I doubt if the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury will be leading the batting order, but they’ve moved a long way since the days of Henry VIII.


It sounds like something fun to do for them. :slight_smile:


I heard the Vatican is going to stack the Pope’s side with Australians.


I heard Kolkata Knight Riders will be subbing in;)


Negotiations are on to get Mitchell Johnson involved, after his recent brilliance.

However, there’s a sticky point: the Australians asked the Vatican to name a patron saint of sledging. The CDF has suggested Saint Jerome, but the Aussies are still pondering it… :smiley:


We English are licking our wounds and swallowing our pride at present having just lost the Ashes back to Oz! :frowning:


I heard a rumor that if this works out, they are going to challenge Lutherans to a Bratwurst eating contest, washed down with German beer. :smiley:



I heard that the Pope has been asked to speak infallibly about what the rules of cricket actually are… since no one else can understand them.


We’ve only got one Australian saint at the moment, Mary MacKillop, Saint Mary of the Cross.

I’ve got it on good authority that if the Pope stacks his team with Australians, and they win, we’ll have eleven more in short order.


Did you see Piers Morgan get some special treatment from Bret Lee yesterday…? :slight_smile:


How about some of our Diocese (pl?) and Parishes getting some similar good ecumenical publicity?


Sounds like a very god idea. Hampshire isn’t short of players either…:wink:


Er, I tried finding Hampshire in the local street directory. I’m sure its not a suburb in Brisbane…




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