Crimefighting ‘Super’ Pope Francis graffiti pops up near the Vatican

[LEFT]The white caped crusader appeared Tuesday on a wall just off Borgo Pio, a tiny cobble-stoned street near St. Peter’s Square. In typical superhero fashion, Francis’ right fist is thrust in the air, leading him in flight, while his left clutches his black satchel. “Valores,” or values in Spanish, is written across it.

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Pax Christi!

Completely cool!!

Thanks for sharing!

God bless.

Wow, that’s pretty neat! :thumbsup:

Maybe we can have a Marvel comic of him - I believe they did one on the life of John Paul II. :slight_smile:

Graffiti, is graffiti, is graffiti and it should not be applauded.

I wouldn’t call it graffiti. I call it super awesome artwork. When I think graffiti, I think the stuff I see made with what was obvious spray paint cans and making no sense.

This is ART.

:shrug: When you paint on a building that is not yours it is graffiti . Much graffiti is beautiful but it is still graffiti.

And it only invites more graffiti on top or alongside it, which may not be so beautiful.

Just saying. Chicago is full of them.

Here, too. :thumbsup:

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