Crimes of the Catholic Church???

I recently found about an additional fact about the Duplessis Dark Age of Quebec,which has already been talked about a bit.

I saw that there was another crime related to the Quebec Dark Age…the crime of the Duplessis

After searching more,I came across an article that accuses the Church of being affiliated with the crime and says the Church never apologised and it cites even more alleged ‘‘crimes’’ of the Catholic Church for which the Church apparently never apologised.

Here is the list in

Can anyone answer these alleged listings of crimes commited by the Catholic Church for which the Church may have not apologised?

Were these crimes committed by the Catholic Church, or by certain Catholics who failed to uphold the doctrine of the Catholic Church?

There have been MANY people who were Catholic who failed to uphold the doctrines of the Church. Would you judge the Church by those who FAILED to uphold Her doctrines? Wouldn’t it be much more fair to judge the Church by those who DID uphold Her doctrines? Such as the Saints of the Church? (of whom there are hundreds)?

Can you cite ANY Saint of the Church who committed any such crimes? Should the Church apologize for those who REJECTED her doctrines? Has the Church ever apologized for Judas? SHOULD the Church ever apologize for Judas?

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