Criminal charges today in Flint water crisis


Today, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette will reportedly announce criminal charges “in connection with his ongoing investigation of the Flint drinking water crisis.”

Officials believe the city got artificially low lead readings because they didn’t test the homes most at risk — those with lead service lines or other features putting them at high risk for lead. Among those to be charged is a City of Flint official who signed a document saying the homes Flint used to test tap water under the federal Lead and Copper Rule all had lead service lines — a statement investigators allege was false.

Schuette is to announce felony and misdemeanor charges against at least two, and possibly as many as four people, according to two other sources familiar with the investigation. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected, sources said.

The people who orchestrated this harm against the people of Flint - especially children, the damage to whom won’t be fully known for years, perhaps decades - must be held accountable.

True justice, however, will only come with comprehensive lead remediation nationwide.

Lead in pipes and paint in old housing continues to be threaten, especially poor people. A truly meaningful accountability is making sure that what happened in Flint will never happen again, anywhere, through any means.

Lead remediation is costly and time-consuming. It needs federal management. For that reason, whoever is the next president must make lead remediation a priority of her or his administration.


Why does this need federal management? Are the states incompetent? How has the federal government shown its competence in such a way that means it should run such a program?


More importantly, what clause in the Constitution gives the federal government the right to interfere? If no such clause exists, then fed interference is illegal.

(Not that this has prevented Fed interference in the past.)


Sad - the same caliber of work ethic that has plagued government service for a long time.


In this case…yes.


Agreed. Three lower-level officials were indicted, and rightfully so. The whole incident, which has been going on for a few years now, is a national disgrace. The harm inflicted on families, particularly children, seems to be irreversible.


One can be assured that the one group of people that won’t be prosecuted will the folks who screwed up Flint’s finances so badly that getting water from a polluted river seemed like a reasonable cost cutting solution.


A single state. And the federal government has shown their incompetence routinely, especially in environmental matters. In fact they showed it in this instance as well.


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