Criminal Record


Does anybody know if I will be able to join the Fanciscan Friars of the Renewal because I have a criminal record?


I imagine this is the kind of thing that is handled on a case by case basis.


If it’s for something like child abuse then you wouldn’t be able to join any religious order or the priesthood.
However even people who committed serious crimes, can still be admitted to the priesthood or orders if they have repented.
Remember that St. Paul very likely murdered and tortured the early Christians before his conversion.


That’s - an interesting question !
What did you get arrested for ?
Me, I don’t see it as a problem…
Unless you were arrested 10 or so times - that’s too much.
Franciscans - are tough - no doubt about that.
How did you feel the calling in your heart ?


@Learner1969 , it’s up to the friars to answer your question .

If you want to join , best of luck .


To piggyback of this thread instead of creating a new one: I have a dismissed shoplifting charge on my record. What do any of you know about becoming a diocesan or order priest with something like this on one’s record? I know it is case by case, order by order, and diocese by diocese but just in general?


Just in general, it seems hardly serious enough to cause any major concern, especially if it occurred long ago.


That is why none of us can advise you. Start with the Vocations Director in your Diocese.


To both of you. Each Aspirant or hopeful Seminarian is taken as an individual on an individual basis.

We can only advise you to get in touch with your Diocese Vocations Director and the Franciscans directly.

Learner are you thinking third order or becoming religious


It will all depend on the diocese or the order. Father Donald Calloway had been a drug runner, a womanizer and many other things. When he had his conversion and sought the Priesthood many places once they knew his history turned him down but the Marians of the Immaculate Conception took him in. He has been a Priest there for MANY years and has given many talks and written books and is a wonderful Faithful Priest today. So be truthful, PRAY and discern with a vocation director’s help and spend time with Our Lord in Adoration. Ask God what is His will for you.


A Bishop confirmed me knowing my history and plans and he did not have a problem with it.


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