Criminal serving his sentence with monks pleads to be sent back to prison... because monastery life is too hard–monastery-life-hard.html

I actually lol’ed when I read this but that just proves how committed one has to be to live in monastery.

He must be an inmate from a California prison!

Simply amazing. I have an even greater respect for the Capuchins now.

I laughed when I read this, too. I agree with you,stanncie;one has to understand that monks lead a demanding life. However, he should try watching Beyond Scared Straight. Maybe then he might appreciate his present sentence. He might be better for it.

Can we send some of the kids are my old school to this monastery, the Capuchins would get them into the right shape to serve society!

Now I think the government (in all western countries) should think about this, instead of living in a monastery the convicted begged to live with luxuries in prison, maybe they should make their prisons like monasteries, and no luxuries be offered to those convicted of serious crimes.

Now that’s a funny story. :rotfl:


Funny indeed. :):slight_smile:

The monks beg for food and get charity, why don’t they work?

must be something they can do

. Seems like an easy life, but I’m sure the Guy got fed better in prison and had TV.

So all day long they pray and meditate, Good to pray but not work for their food and upkeep I don’t get.

They don’t earn money for it, but they certainly work and do a great deal for their communities and Church! They live according to a centuries old tradition of vowed poverty handed down by great saints and affirmed by the Church. Who are you to criticize?

As for the article… hahahaha! They should do this here in America. I’d love to know what the rates of return to prison are for the others who go through the monks’ hostel.

So God would want men to beg for food and live on Charity.

So not much wrong with welfare then.

The difference between the welfare state and monastic life is that monastic life is most definitely not presented as a solution for everyone. People enter into it of their own free will. In fact, we cannot have monastic life without families, because new monks and nuns need moms and dads to bring them into the world.

Your right who am I too judge. I saw a show on not that long ago about life in a monestary
and I don’t know, guess I dont understand. I wonder why they can’t build furniture or grow
their own food and be more self suficcient I guess than to beg and live on charity.:slight_smile:

Well many communities ARE self-sustaining, but some communities are called by God to live in a special circle of poverty in solidarity with the poor and Jesus himself, who lived on charity during His public ministry. If it was good enough for Jesus, then it should be good enough for us! I understand your problems with a community living on others money…but think of how much grace is heaped upon those people given a chance to give to that religious order! If they sustained themselves completely and did not need charity, all those people who give so generously to them would not be able to do those good works!

They are doing something. They are running a halfway house for convicts, not an easy population to serve. The friars (not monks, despite the wording of the news article) are simply not taking government money for doing so… perhaps to avoid the need to meet government standards for correctional facilities?

St. Francis famously depended on begging as a path of humility. The Capuchins are an austere Franciscan order which tries to closely emulate his life.

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