Crisis Magazine: Anglicans set to remove Satan from baptismal rite

Here is an article which may interest some (and possibly enrage others):

Yes it is sad. They had also changed the rite to remove “sin” but that I believe was overturned. It is disheartening.

I may be wrong, but my understanding is that the General Synod of the Church of England is being asked not to replace the current wording but to supply an alternative. Anyone interested in what this is really about could see this piece and follow the link to Liverpool’s original request.

I don’t understand why people are starting to request that religious services become non religious and more “encompassing”. If you don’t like the religious part…don’t have the service…I thought that was obvious? :shrug:

Quite so. Except, of course, that is not what is being proposed.

It’s very similar though…changing the words so people don’t feel uneasy. The reason people feel uneasy? A lot of the UK who have their kids christened in a CofE church aren’t even religious. The other greater percentage are “holiday Christians”…weddings, christenings, Christmas, Easter etc.

Tis what happens when the Faith is dilluted by too close a union with the civil authorities. The inner logic of what Henry did is at play here. The only question is, when does the CofE verge so far off the trail of historic Christianity to no longer be considered Christian? Not yet, of course, but if this course is continued on long enough, who knows? The idea of Satan being removed from the baptismal rite or homosexuals marrying would have been unthinkable a few generations ago, will a few generations from now decide to banish the “sexist” Father, Son, and H.S. from the baptismal rite as well?

Sadly that’s true of a lot of Catholics too.

Sometimes we need to be made to feel “uneasy”. By the way, many, many “Catholics” are right in step with your “holiday Christians”. :frowning:

Yeah, but the Catholic Church isn’t. This step seems to imply the CofE as an institution is. Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.

Can Satan cast out Satan? :hmmm:

It is called mediocrity. Alas, they seem to forget: “And the lukewarm He shall vomit from His mouth.”

As if leaving out the words sin or Satan will help anyone in terms of their salvation. The only thing it does is ensure the loss of salvation.

This is pretty sad. I also find it sad that the article says that people are offended to be called sinners. The fact is that each and every one of us are sinners. The only people I know of who never were and never will be sinners is Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Anyway, I just really hope and pray that Anglicans will someday return to the Catholic Church, all of them. The New Evangelization is pretty important here too. Considering that many in the Anglican Communion, including Episcopalians, have embraced “gay marriage”, women’s ordination, and other false doctrines and beliefs, it’s pretty important.

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